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Single Trip Travel Insurance to Portugal for UK and EU Residents

Portugal, once a powerful kingdom with vast colonies overseas, is still one of the greatest travel destinations. It is a home to many of the greatest culture and art centers like the former capital of Aviz dynasty Evora, the ancient aqueduct Agua da Prata, palaces of Basto, Cadaval and Manuela dukes, Das Damas gallery and churches of San Francisco and John the Baptist. Madeira island is the most heavenly place in Portugal. Its exquisite cuisine, famous wines, fresh sea breeze, abundance of flowers and green can make you vacation unforgettable.


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Portugal is famous for its great historic heritages, unique wines and cuisine (both seafood and meat), great hotels with an excellent service, low crime rate, warm moderate climate and the variety of available entertainment. Anyone can find here something to their liking – beachgoers, history lovers, scuba divers, clubbers and simply those who like to try nice food and drinks. It is worth mentioning that to fully enjoy your vacation in Portugal, you need to be ready to spend a great sum of money. This country is not yet on the list of mass destinations, that’s why it is usually chosen by those who after Spain, Italy and France want to find something new in Europe.  Beach vacations in Portugal are much like those in Spain, tourist attractions are in abundance too, but the touch of mainstream and crowdedness is absent.


Portugal is one of the safest countries in Europe,  but the rates of petty thievery in crowded places, public transport, markets and beaches have got higher recently. Don’t carry around large sums of money, it is better to store it in a safe or on the credit card. Money should be carried in the belt bag or inset pockets. The least safe places to carry money in are a wallet in the backpack or jeans back pocket. Photo and video cameras should have a sling that will be carried around the neck and never leave items unattended. Forest fires are frequent in Portugal. That’s why it is strictly forbidden to make fires in the parks and at the beaches. It can be punishable by fine or imprisonment. Lit cigarette thrown out the car window can lead you to a very big fee.


Portugal is one of the most smoking nations, and different bans are getting more strict each year. You can get into trouble for smoking in public, especially in restaurants and cafes. Smoking is permitted only in some of the venues with special rooms for it or with the yard. Fine rates are very high.


Portugal is famous for its tolerance toward drug use. Tourists can be offered to smoke hashish in the center of the city, but in 90% of all cases it is fake. Portuguese are very friendly, yet very hot-headed people. That is why you should never criticize the skills of national football team or ever walk around in the t-shirts with symbols of other national teams. 

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Visiting Republica Portuguesa at your age years old is a good thing to do! You will not only be able to swim in the Atlantic ocean and get a sun-tan at multiple sandy beaches. The Portuguese Republic is among the 20 most visited countries on Earth, receiving an average of 13 million abroad tourists annually. Tourist places of interest in Republica Portuguesa are Lisbon, Algarve and Madeira, but the Portuguese government continues to promote and develop new tourist places, such as the Douro Valley, the island of Porto Santo, and Alentejo. Lisbon is the 16th European city which attracts the most tourists (with seven million tourists occupying the city's hotels in 2006, a number that grew 11.8% compared to previous year). In 2014, The Portuguese Republic was elected The Best European Country by the USA Today.

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Here at Globelink International we do our best to offer the best possible travel cover cover for safe Flying to European and other Worldwide countries. Years of experience helped us to create a list of the most popular and reliable insurance options for all major age groups. We also do our best to cover as much travellers with pre-existing medical conditions as possible. If you require more information, call us directly 00 44 (0) 1353 699082 or email at Get a reliable and cheap travel insurance from Globelink and you won't regret!


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  • Get exactly what you need;
  • No hidden costs;
  • Single trip policies for people ages up to 89;
  • Post Departure Cover;
  • Large number of pre-existing medical conditions that are covered for free;
  • Cover for Aussies, Kiwis and Saffas;
  • We help you to customise your travel insurance policy, so it suits all your needs;
  • Purchasing Travel Insurance takes less than 1 minute.




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