12 Quick and Easy Cheap Student Travel Tips

10 Jun 2014 by Olga Brighton

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If you read this you are most certainly a student yourself. And being a student you sure know that most travelling students are on a budget. This does not mean though that you have to starve yourself or hitchhike across Europe or Asia literally on foot.

If you are one of the students who want to make the most out of their journey without spending way too much money yet enjoy the learning experience that comes with travelling we have gathered these 12 travel tips for you.

Cheap student travel

Tip 1

Check out TripAdvisor and read up on feedback on hotels and other accommodations to gauge whether the hotel has been rated truthfully. Sometimes, what you read in a review is not what you get.

Tip 2

Some credit cards offer freebies which are practical items like gift cards or restaurant discounts and even free flights when you sign up for an account with them. This is helpful when you are overseas and need to save all the cash that you can.

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Tip 3

Check out and compare holiday package costs before booking one. Call or email other travel agents or tour operators to see which has the lowest prices.

Tip 4

Have some cash in your wallet for emergencies and don’t rely entirely on the purchasing power of your credit cards because there are just some things you have to pay for in cash such as taxi fare.

Student trip

Tip 5

Prevent yourself from having the photos that you take on your trip printed and wait until you get home to do so. It is always cheaper on home ground for photo printing jobs.

Tip 6

Try not to take any valuables like heirloom jewellery – your mother’s earrings, an uncle’s pocket watch – while travelling but if it’s unavoidable, ensure that your insurance coverage offers protection for loss or theft.

Tip 7

Try “wearing” your luggage to save on costs that may be incurred for excess weight. Big pocket coats and jackets can fit in a lot of items such as tablets, folding umbrellas, etc. that can otherwise cause excess luggage weight.

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Tip 8

Budget airlines tend to jack up their prices on return flights upon check-in, so do this online for free.

Tip 9

Check if your EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) still has validity before you leave and keep the card with you or on you at all times together with your passport. Remember, though, that your EHIC is only for medical coverage and not insurance for travel and certainly won't pay to repatriate you dead, or alive.

Student travel tips

Tip 10

Write down the names and contact details of persons to contact in case you are involved in an emergency such as your personal doctor, next of kin, employer, etc.

Tip 11

Putting your luggage in the airplane hold is usually pretty expensive. Most airlines provide a free hand luggage allowance of 10kg. You can maximize this by weighing every item you intend to take thus making sure your overall luggage weight does not exceed those free 10kg.

Tip 12

Cheap travel insurance should be bought immediately after your flight and accommodation are booked. Remember - you will not be covered for changes or cancellation if you don’t have travel insurance. Another tip on travel insurance – if you travel more than twice a year, an Annual Multi Trip travel insurance policy is more practical.

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