12 Things To Do While Waiting For a Flight

20 Sep 2016 by Olga Brighton

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Feeling bored at the airport while waiting for your flight? We have lots of ideas to keep you occupied. Take a look and let us know what you think.

Many of us don’t look forward to the unavoidable time spent at the airport, kicking our heels whilst waiting for our flight. This can sometimes make you feel more tired than the flight itself. Here are 12 things to do while waiting for a flight to keep you occupied:

1. Use Free Airport Wi-Fi

Airport Wi-Fi

Most airports provide free access to the internet so why not log use it? It could be a perfect chance to do all of those last minute tasks like putting your ‘Out of Office’ notice on your work email; research your destination further; or just catch up on emails or chat with friends.

2. Take a Look Around

The most obvious thing to do whilst at the airport is to sit back, relax and People-Watch (tactfully of course, so you not to offend, or make anyone feel uncomfortable!). You could notice all sorts of small things to help wile away some time - like the way people dress; the kind of hand luggage they carry and get some ideas for yourself next time you fly. You could watch how parents and their kids interact and get some tips (…or spot behaviour you definitely wouldn’t want to mimic!...).

3. Clear Out Your Wallet

Travel Purse

Ideally you should do this before you leave home, but a last minute clear out will still avoid you carrying unnecessary receipts and old papers on your travels.

4. Get to Know New People

The airport is its own unique space gathering together people from all over the world. People around you may also have nothing to do and may be glad to have a chat, so try initiating conversation and you may learn a thing or two about a destination you’ve never been to, or just enjoy sharing a moan about waiting for a flight!

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5. Go Shopping …or Window Shopping

Airports have never offered so much retail therapy. You can buy almost anything you may have forgotten and a whole lot more besides! On your way home you can spend any left over foreign currency on some last minute presents, souvenirs, or snacks for the flight. At the very least you can ensure you smell great for the flight by trying some of the perfumes on sale in the Duty Free!

6. Refresh Your Geography

Check out the Departures Screen and try to correctly identify the country for each city you see. This is great pastime with kids too.

7. Play a Game

Phone Game App

Be prepared and ensure you have games downloaded on your phone / tablet to keep you occupied. The choice is enormous. You can also easily pack a good old-fashioned pack of cards or Travel Scrabble to kill some time, or simply look around you and play ‘guess the destination’ of other travellers.

8. Be Creative

Start your first novel; write something on that topic you feel passionately about; or simply write your bucket list of things you would love to do; or things you need to do when you return home!

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9. Check Out Access to Airport Lounges

Some airports offer day access to Airport Lounges where you can relax and enjoy all the amenities they offer, so see what’s available at yours. You may also have access if you have regular flyer/elite travel status with your airline or as a benefit on certain credit cards.

10. Read

So often our busy daily routine deprives us from the chance to have a leisurely read. So take a book, Kindle, magazine, newspaper and indulge in a good read. It might be a chance to try audiobooks if you can’t read in busy environment.

11. Go Outside

Airport Cafe

Many airports have an outside space that is accessible – often as part of a café or bar. This may offer an alternative to busier options inside.

12. Sleep

If all else fails, then just sit back, relax and try to take a nap (don’t forget to set an alarm so you don’t miss the flight!).

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