16 Tips on How to Travel on £50 a Day

06 Sep 2016 by Olga Brighton

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Why travel for more?

Have you ever come back off holiday feeling more stressed than when you left? One of the reasons was probably that you ran out of money and had to come back early; or came back with some heavy credit card bills. If that is your case, the following will definitely help you to travel happier. In fact, it may make you want to brag to your friends about how skillful you have become in the art of low-expense holiday-going! Let’s look at 16 tips that will bring your travel to just £50 a day and you will learn how to save money while travelling.

1. The main idea you have to keep in mind is to budget

If each activity is accounted for beforehand, you will not be shouting “HOW MUCH?!” at the ticket offices. Be realistic and look around for the best price online. It may even save you time as you won’t have to wait in the queue if you get your tickets beforehand.

2. Be your own tour guide

Personal Tour Guide

We live in the age of Google and Wikipedia. These are sometimes more informed than your average tour-guide. It might be worth getting an international internet bolt-on for your phone beforehand so you can look up anything that peaks your curiosity.

3. Buy a guidebook

Usually they have a map in the back and a few translated native phrases, particularly in the Lonely Planet books. Use it in conjunction with TripAdvisor to tell you where the cost-effective good-eats are.

4. Design your own walks

Go and check out menu prices of TripAdvisor’s recommended list. You can do it conveniently around the ones with places of interest nearby.

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5. Don’t eat too close to touristic places

Walk a few blocks away or risk being over-priced. Eat where locals eat.

6. Picnic on sunny days

Eating While Travelling

The supermarket is way cheaper than any restaurant, and a picnic has a better view. Plus if you are travelling with someone special it has the romantic element to it.

7. Use hostel kitchens

Use hostel kitchens to whip up a sandwich-to-go from time to time.

8. Know yourself

Do you give more importance to food, water sports or museums? Budget accordingly.

9. Make your own drinks

It costs a fraction of the price. Why pay the price of a bottle for half a glass?

10. Track your expenses

Expense Tracker

Make a habit of noting all your snacks, entrance fees etc. If you spend less one day, you can treat yourself the next. If you keep a holiday diary and your holiday is successful, it will serve as a guidebook for the next time.

11. Don’t carry more money than you have budgeted for that day

Yes, you may need more in case of a sudden mishap but in most cases you’ll just spend it for fun.

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12. Research prices beforehand

Don’t be afraid to ring a random hostel from the area- they are your best source of budget traveller information specific to your destination! That and the internet.

13. Try the local cuisine

Eating the same as at home comes at a price. Get something the locals can buy in easily and it may prove to be a new experience for you.

14. Bring your own metallic water bottle

Travel Water Bottle

Tourists always need water, don’t pay for something free.

15. If museum-hopping is your thing, buy a card to visit city attractions

In bulk is always cheaper.

16. Learn to haggle and find free activities

Some get the price down just for the fun of it!

Now you are prepared to stick to your budget, refill your water bottle from picturesque water fountains and impress your friends with your new-found knowledge of the local culture and historic sites, you may find yourself coming home and planning your next vacation! There is nothing more satisfying than spending just the amount you need, possibly finding you have spent less and buying that ice-cream you have been craving. So what are you waiting for? Get researching your next holiday, obtain your budget travel insurance and look for the best guide-book . You will enjoy heartily laughing as you walk past the monotonous tourist groups and people dining at over-priced touristic restaurants. Give it a go and see if you can travel for just £50 a day!

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