5 Best Websites for Planning Your Trip

24 Nov 2015 by Olga Brighton

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When planning a trip, do you still use the good old paper and pen? Even if you are the least techy person you know, try these five super helpful trip planning websites to prepare for your next vacation and you may realise that planning has become almost as much fun as the travel itself. You may also be interested in websites for a perfect flight and cheap hotel booking.

1. TripIt

Trip planning websites

TripIt offers travellers an amazing opportunity to combine all of their travel planning information in one simple view. It will not suggest you any destinations or tourists attractions, but it will keep all of your itineraries, travel confirmations, tickets, hotel bookings, reservations and the rest in your personal hub for all of your travel needs. There will be no need to look for confirmation emails regarding your bookings or seach for the number of your flight written in your notebook, as all the information will be safely stored at TripIt. If you’re still not convinced you want use this service, note that it lets you know when there’s a better seat available on your flight.

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2. PackPoint

This awesome app makes packing much easier and fun and less stressful. PackPoint lets you create custom packing lists and build them accordingly to the type for your trip. Whether you will be working, hiking, travelling with kids, swimming, travelling internationally, you will need to pack different clothing and special items. Not only PackPoint helps travellers create the best packing lists they need, it also checks the weather and lets you know if you may need to carry an umbrella or wear a coat or sandals instead of packing them into your suitcase. Save as many packing lists as you wish and don’t forget to share them with others.

3. Trip.com

Travel social network

This travel-themed social network is the perfect place for travellers to share their tips and access advice of other travellers. Users can connect via Facebook or Twitter and share their experiences across these social networks, as well as received personalised list of travel recommendations. At Trip.com you users also can book vacation rentals, hotels or restaurant reservations directly through the website via Kayak, Expedia, Homeaway and other Gogobot partners. When searching for advice on the destination you plan to travel, you may accidentally discover new destination, new places to stay, new places to eat and in the end may even decide to change your itinerary or start planning the next trip.

4. Rome2rio

This unique website offers multi-modal travel search engine that can help users find itineraries for air, train, ferry, coach, driving and mass transit option to and from any locations. It lets users know how much time their travel will take over each transportation methods and routes. With the help of Rome2rio travellers can choose the best itinerary for their trip specifically. This platform is available for integration into both web and mobile applications and is capable of creating itineraries for long distance travel as well as intra-city trips.

5. Touristlink

Travel itinerary website

This unique social network lets travellers create the best itinerary possible for their trips. Whether you are heading to one of the busiest cities in the world or making your way to a little known remote location, Touristlink will help you find the best tours, activities, places to visit, hotels and shopping centres in your area. Ratings and reviews will let you know which tourist attractions are really worth your time and where the best pizza is served. Find new friends at Touristlink, share your opinion and make sure your vacation will be well-planned and eventful.

After you’ve planned perfect itinerary for your trip and picked the best travel attractions, don’t forget to choose the right travel insurance policy for your journey. No journey can be truly fun if its safety is not ensured by a reliable travel insurance policy.

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