5 Unusual Christmas Activities While on a Trip

05 Dec 2019 by Olga Brighton

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The Festive Season is upon us, with hot chocolate, mince pies and mulled wine abundant at every turn to help us through the inevitable whirlwind of activities at this time of year. If you’re lucky enough to be heading off to a wintery destination over Christmas, here are some altogether more unusual and interesting Christmas activities to try.


If you want to try a new and exciting adventure sport in the snow, airboarding is for you. Airboarding offers an alternative to snowboarding and skiing. It’s a perfect winter sport for adrenaline junkies and those who like speed. It’s just like bodyboarding, except on snow instead of water, and you use an inflatable board. Starting at the top of a snow-laden hillside, participants will lay down on their inflated boards; grasp the handles and zoom down the hill at a rate of knots. For safety, you must wear protective headgear, knee and body protectors. So if snowboarding or skiing aren’t your thing, it’s worth trying Airboarding, with specially designed courses for beginners, intermediates, and experts alike. Worldwide there are many destinations that offer this sport with or without a guide.

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Snow Zorbing

Still a slightly adrenaline-fuelled experience, providing just as much fun, is snow zorbing. Snow zorbing is like being in your very own giant snow globe. Participants are shut inside specially designed giant inflatable balls, strapped to the device with safety harnesses and once secure, you’ll be sent rolling down a snow-covered hill at high speeds. You’ll go head over heels as you make your way down the slopes. Snow zorbing, or snow sphering as it is sometimes called, is like your very own theme park ride, crossed with the ultimate sledging experience.

Glacier Walking

Winter Adventure Sports

If you prefer to slow things down while you're away, glacier walking is a better alternative winter activity. Glacier walking is basically hiking on a frozen glacier. Whilst hiking you’ll get to enjoy some of the most breath-taking winter vistas you could ever imagine. Snow-capped evergreens, rugged mountains and frozen lakes are just some of the sights you’ll get to enjoy on your hike. For an even more amazing experience, why not schedule your glacier walk when the sun is rising, or as it is setting, as the view and colour palate will be stunning. You will find glacier tours and explorations of various lengths and difficulty, from hiking, ice climbing and ice cave excursions, so take your pick of guided trips to suit your abilities.

Snowshoe Walking

Snow-shoe walking is another slower-paced winter activity. Snowshoes are designed to provide maximum levels of grip and comfort in the snow, so you can traverse snowy terrains with minimum effort. It’s a wonderful form of exercise that gets you out in amongst majestic winter landscapes. How better to unwind and free your mind than enjoying all that Mother Nature has to offer in the height of winter. Along with your snowshoes you’ll have walking poles to help you along your way. There are plenty of snowshoe destinations to choose from, including beginners trails, with instructors and flat terrain to traverse, before you transition to trails with climbs and inclines.

Ice Sailing

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Ice sailing, or ice yachting dates back to the 1700’s. Try it on Poland’s Great Masurian Lakes, or in Norway, Finland or Sweden, where lakes freeze over solid in winter. Gliding at exhilarating speed across the ice with no waves to slow you down is a truly unique experience – only to be attempted with experts on board.

Sometimes, all we need is a little, or a lot of snow and a few creative ideas for winter activities. If you’ve booked your festive getaway, it may be an ideal time to try one of these suggestions and don’t forget to buy travel insurance to protect you and your loved ones.

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