Tips on How to Survive a Plane Crash

02 Feb 2016 by Olga Brighton

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Most of us believe that being involved in a plane crash leaves no chance of survival. Popular TV channels and Hollywood movies tend to show plane crashes as an unsurvivable event but according to the latest reports the survival rate of crashes was almost 96%. So look carefully through this post and make sure you try to remember some of the following advice about how to survive a plane crash.

1. Dress appropriately

Travel clothes

Imagine yourself running out of crashed airplane. It is obvious that short skirt or high heels will be the last things you would prefer to wear in such situation. With that in mind, put on long trousers, a long-sleeve T-shirt, and sturdy lace-up shoes to stay safe in case the aircraft has to crash.

NB! Wool and cotton clothes maybe more preferable as these materials are less flammable.

2. Pick a proper seat

According to the researches of Popular Mechanics magazine, the safest seats are in the tail of the aircraft. The statistics shows that your chances to survive increase by 40% if you’re sitting in the last few rows. Besides getting seats as close to the exit as possible would obviously help you escape quicker.

3. Do not ignore the safety card and pre-flight safety speech

Flight instructions

We always hope that there will be no need to follow all these instructions, put away your laptop and take out your headphones and take a moment to listen and make sure you know what to do in case something goes wrong.

NB! Remember that instructions vary according to the type of aircraft, duration of flight and weather forecast. So don’t assume that you have heard it all before.

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4. Takeoff and Landing

According to flight crash statistics, more than 80% of all plane crashes occur during takeoff and landing. So mind the following suggestions on what to do and not to do during these timeframes:

  • Do not sleep;
  • Put on your shoes and make sure they are secured;
  • Do not drink too much alcohol before or during your flight. You need to be fully present in case of mishaps.
  • Make sure your seat belt is on correctly.

NB! Try to relax and try to stay in control.

5. Remember 90 seconds rule

90 seconds rule

So you have survived the crash landing and now you have a very high chance of getting out of the plane alive. The thing is statistically you have about 90 seconds to do so before there is a high chance fire will engulf the aircraft.

NB! Do not try to save your carry on luggage or what is left of it! Get yourself and your family together and try to get at least 500 feet from the wreckage.

Hopefully, we will never experience these scenarios, but remember that there is no time to get ready for them as they unfold. So stay prepared for everything, do not panic and travel safe with Globelink International!

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