Top 15 Places That Look Stunning in Autumn

26 Sep 2017 by Olga Brighton

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Autumn is a great time of year, when nature is vibrant and breathtaking. So where are the best places to visit in autumn?

1. The Fageda d’en Jordà Beech Forest, Spain

Standing on the lava flow of an old volcano, this beech forest in Catalonia, Spain, is one you can’t miss in autumn. There are several hikes that you can opt for to dive into this sea of colourful leaves.

2. Forest of Dean, England

Places to visit forest of Dean

In this astonishing forest in England you will not only be captivated by its majestic larches, beeches and oaks turning russet and golden but you will also be able to surf in the tidal rivers of the region. Explore a system of caverns that date back to the bronze age, or explore the magical PuzzleWood, where its scenery has made it a popular location for filming many TV dramas Merlin and Atlantis.

3. Gruyères, Switzerland

Sitting on a ridge, above the river Saane, this picture perfect, small medieval city will make you feel like you are in a fairy tale. Two fairly different styles share the limelight in the city, the oddities of H. R. Giger Alien Museum, and the exotic Tibet Museum as well as its castle surrounded by ancient trees. This area is also world famous for its cheese!

4. Snowdonia, Wales

The Snowdonia National Park in Wales, is definitely an autumn destination. You can experience a new adventure every day. Climb a mountain, or take to the bike trails. Visit the Bala lake or lose track of time in its forest, while enjoying the stunning autumn foliage.

5. Paris, France

Paris visit

This city of love becomes more vibrant in autumn. The colours of the falling leaves will add a romantic touch to your experience, but also it seems that artists are in bloom in autumn, especially during the Nuit Blanche. And don’t forget the annual Montmartre wine harvest festival in October.

6. Great Smoky Mountains, USA

Imagine miles and miles of woods, as far as the eye can see, changing their colour gradually. If you plan your visit well, you can see the colours changing in this national park. Usually starting from the highest point, you will see over 100 varieties of trees providing a spectacular blanket of russets, reds and golds foe miles around you.

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7. Jiuzhaigou Valley, China

September to November are definitely the most vivid months for autumn colour in this area. Almost 10,000 feet above sea level, treat yourself to the stark contrast of the turquoise blue, crystal clear waters of the lakes, against the vibrant reds and oranges of the trees that drape their branches into the water.

8. Transylvania, Romania

Aside from spring, autumn is a great season to observe wildlife. You can track bears, foxes and lynxes, go bird watching, or just enjoy the autumn colours. If you prefer, you can explore the many medieval towns and fortresses and Saxon villages in this area.

9. Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon visit

Autumn is definitely a great season to visit Lisbon. You can still enjoy sunny days but you will avoid the summer crowds and heat. The wine festival is also in autumn, which gives you the chance to try some of the excellent varieties of wine and select what you think goes best with the delicious variety of food that Portugal has to offer.

10. Prague, Czech Republic

What do you think of when you hear “Prague”? Most people may not immediately think of music, but that is precisely what you can find in abundance during autumn. Many music festivals take place from September to November. Autumn is also a perfectly atmospheric time to visit and explore this captivating historic city, nicknamed “The City of 100 Spires”.

11. Bruges, Belgium

Another medieval picture perfect town that comes in its own during autumn months. You will avoid the huge influx of tourists you get in peak season and be able to enjoy a walk through the cobbled streets and tree lines avenues, or take a boat trip along the canal. You can then spoil yourself with a hot chocolate and waffles, or a famous Belgian beer.

12. Edinburgh, Scotland

As you walk around Edinburgh, the golden-brown foliage carpets the streets around you. One of the cultural highlights of this season is the International Storytelling Festival and the firework display of Guy Fawkes Night. Don’t worry about the weather, just be prepared for rain and shine.

13. Nara, Japan

Visit Nara

It’s hard to imagine what is more beautiful than a forest in a riot of autumn colour. In Nara, you add to this the beauty of the roofs of majestic pagodas peeping through the tree tops. This Chinese architecture just adds to the magic of this season and provides a unique autumn treat.

14. Lago di Como, Italy

Located in the Lombardy region of Italy, Lake Como attracts visitors from all over the world. The mellow autumn light brings out the autumn beauty of this location with its shore in places laps sheer Cliff with the Alps as a stunning backdrop. Lake Como has an average of 4 hours of sunshine a day and mild temperatures make this a beautiful location to explore.

15. Vermont, USA

Autumn, or “Fall” is the time to visit Vermont. With forests covering three-quarters of this state, it is reputed to have the highest percentage of vibrant maple trees in the entire USA. Autumn colour here is unbelievable and unmissable here whether you are exploring the byways, or hiking, everywhere looks a riot of reds, oranges and yellows. Also visit Lake Champlain Islands, or the mural paintings in Jeffersonville and Cambridge.

Take Your Pick

These are just a few of the wonderful places you could visit this autumn. So what are you waiting for? Choose one, and go!

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