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18 Feb 2009 by Olga Brighton

Travel Information

The information in this section is aimed at helping you travel healthy and well while you are abroad. Some items may seem pretty obvious but we still forget about them at times.

General tips:

    • Buy adequate and appropriate travel insurance.
    • Check the Department of Health general medical advice for travellers.
    • Check what vaccinations you need with your GP at least six weeks before you travel.
    • Check if your medication is legal in the country that you are visiting.
    • Pack all medication in your hand luggage.
    • If you are taking prescribed medication take the prescription and a doctors letter with you.
How to travel safe
  • If you are travelling within the EU, get form E111 from the post office for reduced or free emergency care. But remember you still need travel insurance.
  • Be safe in the sun. Avoid excessive sunbathing, especially between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. and wear a high factor sunscreen.
  • Drink plenty of water. If you drink alcohol or use some kinds of drugs your body can become dehydrated, especially in a hot climate.
  • Practice safe sex - always use a condom. Ensure that you pack a supply before you go as they are not always as readily available abroad and quality can differ from country to country.
  • Find out the local emergency number and the address of the nearest hospital when you arrive overseas. Your rep, local guide or accommodation manager should know.


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