Avoid Chilling Costs of Travel Mishaps

18 Jan 2017 by Olga Brighton

Travel Insurance Tips

Who doesn’t cherish their holidays? Thanks to the internet we have all become savvy purchasers and travel is no exception to this. Holidays are among our biggest annual spend, excluding mortgages and car purchases, so any savings are good news. However, with the average family holiday costing thousands it is staggering that one in five do not purchase travel insurance.

Travel costs

Whether you prefer to travel under your own steam or on a package holiday, chances are, you’ll be paying something upfront, which means more at stake if things go wrong. It may be tempting to think “it won’t happen to me ” – especially when booking a holiday, but things can go wrong.

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Last year UK Insurance Companies paid out over £365 million to cover costs of medical treatment abroad, cancelled trips, and other travel troubles to individuals, couples and families who had a problem whilst abroad. That’s 1 million pounds each day of the year! So if you are spending hundreds, or more likely thousands on your next break, do yourself a favour and don’t skimp on getting a decent travel insurance policy to protect you. You can go on as many holidays as you like in a year with a Globelink Annual Multi Trip policy, which is under £100 for a family policy as kids go free!

Travelling expenses

With a Globelink policy you are protected for trip cancellation as soon as you purchase and once you are overseas you have the peace of mind that the you are covered for those potentially head-spinning emergency medical and repatriation costs if you run into unforeseen medical problems, or have an accident.

If travelling in Europe, a European Health Card (EHIC) is good to have with you, but don’t rely on it solely for medical bills, as this doesn’t cover all treatment and won’t cover any repatriation costs which can easily run into thousands. Medical costs outside of Europe can be especially terrifying, particularly in the USA where costs usually mount up by more than £1,000 per day. So do the right thing and avoid the chilling cost of travel mishaps and focus on enjoying the chill-out of a winter break with the right travel policy in place.

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