Best Travel Insurance Deals for Over-65's

10 Sep 2013 by Olga Brighton

Travel Insurance Tips

Travelling is something that a lot of seniors want to do. After all, you’ve worked hard all your life and now it’s time to relax and just enjoy life. Older travellers are also given a lot of perks including free access to certain attractions in Europe and even in many other parts of the world.

However, one of the main issues that seniors face is the high cost of travel insurance. In fact, there are some travel insurance providers that don’t even offer cover to those who are 65 years old and over. The ones that do, usually charge very high rates.

The good news is, with a little effort on your part, you can find good deals for travel insurance for seniors. Even travel insurance over 65 for those with existing medical conditions don’t have to cost a fortune as long as you take the time to understand your options.

holiday insurance for over 65

If you are over 65, here are some tips to help you find the best insurance deals:

Annual vs. Single

When it comes to travel insurance for seniors, you really must do your homework and use common sense when checking your options. If you plan to travel several times in a year, it would be more economical to buy an Annual Multi Trip policy instead of a Single policy. That way, you don’t have to buy insurance every time you travel. Not only is it cheaper, but it’s also more convenient for you.

Certificate Type: Regular, Economy, or Comprehensive

Another thing to consider for travel insurance over 65 is what type of cover you will get. You have a choice between regular, economy and comprehensive, and your decision must be based on several factors such as existing medical conditions, budget, and duration of your travel. For example, if you are looking for cheap travel insurance, you don’t have any medical conditions and you will be away for only a few days, then perhaps a Regular or Economy policy will be sufficient. However, if you are going to be away for a month or longer, Comprehensive insurance would be suitable for you.

best travel insurance for over 65

Compare travel insurance

Remember that insurance costs also vary depending on where you are travelling to. For example, if you are travelling to the USA, Canada, Caribbean, Mexico or Japan, the insurance premiums will likely be far more expensive than if you were travelling to South Africa, China, Australia, New Zealand or Thailand.

The key to finding the best deals on travel insurance for those over 65 is to compare quotes and coverage. You can find plenty of information online, and it won’t even take an entire day to gather all the details you need. A very important thing that you need to remember is to not buy insurance based on price alone. You need to check what the policy includes to ensure you are fully covered in case something bad happens while you are on a holiday.

You can also apply for a European Health Insurance card which will entitle you to a reduced cost or even free medical treatment in some European countries.

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