Planning a Winter Walkabout? Don't Leave Without Decent Travel Cover

10 Oct 2013 by Olga Brighton

Travel Insurance Tips

Got itchy feet? You’re not alone. With seasonal flight bargains to Vancouver or Toronto, many Globelink clients will soon be off visiting family or exploring Canada’s great outdoors in Fall. Right now, South Africa’s Cape coast is bursting into bloom, while over in Sydney, Perth and Auckland, it will soon be time to throw a few prawns on the barbie. No wonder so many mature Brits choose to go walkabout at this time of year.

Cityscape Toronto

On the whole, travellers over 50 tend to be smarter when it comes to taking out travel insurance. As a seasoned traveller, you understand the value of having travel cover. You know some of the things that can go wrong on holiday from experience (you’ve probably missed the flight, and got the T-shirt.) Yet, some of you will still find yourselves facing holiday disasters this winter, as a result of skimping on travel insurance - or simply failing to check what a policy does and doesn’t cover you for.

When it comes to travel insurance, there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution. At Globelink, we only specialise in travel insurance; that’s why we offer options designed to cover different kinds of travellers, up to the age of 84. For bigger holidays - the kind that involve expensive flights, transfers, accommodation or tours - you need cover you can count on if an airline goes bust or your trip starts to unravel. At Globelink, we also offer top-up insurance for adventure activities you won’t necessarily find covered elsewhere ... good to know, if you’re the sort of person who's always wanted to bungee-jump or take a safari. Go for it - you’re as young as you feel!

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Travel insurance is never just a lifestyle choice: it’s a must. That’s even more true if you’re in your 50s or over. Like it or not, as we get older, we’re often less resilient to long-haul flights and other travel stress. Minor ailments that are easily thrown off at home can easily turn into major health headaches when travelling. Even people who’ve “never had a day’s illness” can be caught out once in a while.

Decent travel insurance shields you from the sort of holiday disasters we all read about in the newspapers, the things that happen to ‘someone else’ - like, for instance, having to pay for emergency medical treatment when you’re half way around the world. Taking out cover is a small price to pay for peace of mind - especially if that ‘someone else’ turns out to be you. Enjoy your travels! Globelink Travel Insurance provides affordable Single Trip and Annual Multi Trip travel insurance for people aged up to 84 who live in EU countries.

Enjoy your travels!

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