FCO Advice - Going to Live Abroad

30 Apr 2015 by Olga Brighton

Travel Insurance Tips

Relocating to another country is a huge step that takes a lot of courage and planning. If you're going to live abroad and want your relocation process to go as smoothly as possible, you need to take a good look at these tips.

Work out what your retirement income will be

To be clear about your financial situation after retirement, get an estimate of your UK Pension. To do that, visit the FCO's website and follow the State Pension Forecasting links.

Retirement abroad

In most cases you can get your State Pension paid anywhere you live. However, if you reside abroad and get a UK State Pension, it will only be increased yearly if you live in: a country that belongs to the European Economic Area, Switzerland or a country that has a special agreement with the UK. If you reside in a country where your State Pension is not increased, you may get the yearly increases for temporary visits to the UK. You may also be able to get the yearly increases for temporary visits to the other EEA countries, Switzerland and certain agreement countries. If you return to live in the UK permanently, your State Pension will be increased to current levels. To find out in which countries the yearly increases are paid, or to get more information on how UK State Pensions are paid to people living outside the UK, please visit the website.

Find out about your tax liability abroad

If you retire overseas you may still have to pay UK tax on income you get from the UK. You may also have to pay tax on UK income in the country you live in. However, in the countries with double taxation agreement with the UK, you may be allowed a certain tax relief on UK tax.

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Learn about your welfare rights abroad

If you’re going to live in the EEA country or a country with social security with the UK, you may be get a benefit you would not normally get abroad. Or you may be able to claim benefit of that country. Note that every benefit has different rules and some cannot be paid outside the UK.

Let people know your change of address

Adress abroad

Make sure your Jobcentre Plus/Social Security Office, National Insurance Contributions Office, HM Revenue & Customs and DWP when you are going to leave UK and what your new address will be. Let them know if your address changes later or if you come back to the UK. Remember EHIC is not valid for non-UK residents and will not be valid once you move overseas.

Find out about health costs abroad

If you relocate to the EEA country and you are entitled to UK state pensions or benefits, you will need form E121. You will get the same free or reduced-cost medical treatment as a pensioner of the country you live in. Get health insurance to cover medical and dental treatment abroad, as well as repatriation is highly recommended.

Moving abroad with children

First and foremost, you must have permission from the other parent to take the children abroad. If the other parent or legal guardian does not give you a permission, you will need to consult with the lawyer. Remember, taking your child abroad without the agreement from the other part may be illegal. Note that the British Governement cannot interfere in property disputes, as they are private legal disputes which can be resolved only by the parties involved via the courts of the country concerned.

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