Globelink Travel Insurance Special Deals You May Not Know About

06 Aug 2013 by Olga Brighton

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One Size Fits All? Not at Globelink, it doesn’t. As travel insurance specialists, we pride ourselves on being that bit more flexible when it comes to providing the cover you need when you’re on the move. That’s why we offer a range of travel insurance deals, policy features and add-ons you won’t necessarily find with many other travel insurers.

Insurance for people who are already travelling

travel insurance already abroad

Your insurance certificate has run out but you can’t go home yet... You meant to take out travel insurance before you left the UK, but somehow you didn’t get round to it.... Now what? Most insurance providers won’t let you take out or renew cover if you’re outside your home country and already travelling. Relax, at Globelink we can help. If you’re a UK national and will spend no more than 18 months outside the country, just fill in our online form and we’ll get back to you in 48 hours with an individual quote. Phew.

Annual policies with up to 120 days per trip

multi trip travel insurance

Frequent traveller? City break addict? Then you’ll already know that taking out an Annual Multi Trip insurance policy is a bit of a no-brainer. For as little as £, you’re covered for an unlimited number of trips over the next 12 months. But did you know that Globelink’s policies let you select cover for trips that last up to 120 consecutive days? Because life doesn’t always fit neatly into 31 day packages, does it? Well, now you do.

Travel insurance for all ages, including over 80

travel insurance over 80

More and more of us are travelling well into our mature years. And quite right, too: why should youngsters should have all the fun? As a senior traveller, you want a travel insurance policy that takes the worry out of travelling - and you don’t want to pay the earth. Globelink’s Comprehensive travel policies for people aged up to 84 are excellent value, with a range of features selected to reflect your needs. We have a long list of pre-existing medical conditions that we cover for free. And if you do need to take out specific cover for an existing condition, that’s fine: we’ve set up an easy screening process to help you do so.

Comprehensive cover for just about any trip

comprehensive travel insurance

Short trip or long. Package deal or independent. For beach babes, culture vultures, adrenaline-junkies and pretty much everything in between. Our comprehensive travel insurance is suitable for most single trips, giving you the essential cover you need while you’re away from home. That includes cover for travel delays, cancellation, curtailment and loss or theft of your personal possessions. Most crucially of all, it shields you from the risk of having to pay for emergency medical care or repatriation, which can run to thousands of pounds.

Because no one trip is the same as another, we’ve also made it easy for you to tailor your cover to suit your travel plans. Need extra baggage cover? Taking the golf clubs? Planning a spot of whitewater rafting? Opt in where you need to, and you’re good to go.

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