How to Get Travel Insurance in 1 Minute - 5 Steps

09 May 2012 by Olga Brighton

Travel Insurance Tips

Don’t you think it is possible? In fact, it is. What else serious and important trip preparation thing could take only 1 minute in order to accomplish it? Travel Insurance would take even less than 1 minute out of your trip preparation and you would feel safe and protected. Thus, it is really worth doing.

So, let’s see 1 minute steps to get travel insurance.

Step 1 (0:00 – 0:15)

First, you should choose the type of trip. You can choose either Single Trip or Annual Multi Trip. Then point out the area of your travel and your trip duration. Also, you need to specify the amount of insurance policies you need and choose the age group. In addition you need to choose the type of policy you would prefer. Variants will differ depending on whether you have chosen a single trip policy or annual multi trip policy. Before choosing the necessary option you could compare details to make the right choice. For example, you could choose Economy or Regular policy for 10 days trip, Comprehensive or Winter Sports policy for 17 days, Globetrekkers policy for 1 month etc. It’s all about the first step.

Step 2 (0:15 – 0:25)

Second step is pretty short. Here you could add extra cover for hazardous activities, valuables and other options such as event cancellation, excess waiver and so on. Cover for valuables could include the cover for electronics, music instrument and various sports equipment. Keep in mind that you could change or update the information you have pointed toward in your policy.

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Step 3 (0:25 – 0:40)

This section requires some time to fill in personal information. However, it contains only the most necessary information such as your address, e-mail, telephone number etc.

Step 4 (0:40 – 0:50)

This step presents you all the information on the policy you are ordering. Here you can check all the options you have chosen and find out the prize of your policy. It also contains important information about insurance policy including medical expenses, property claims, excesses, refunding and so on.

Step 5 (0:50 – 1:00)

It is the last stage of purchasing the policy. You could choose the currency here and the payment method. After purchasing the e-mail confirmation will be sent to your e-mail immediately. So, here you are! You have the travel insurance policy done within ONE minute. Now you can keep on packing your baggage, booking hotels etc. without any worries about your safety.

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