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19 May 2015 by Olga Brighton

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The unfortunate truth is that nobody is completely safe from unexpected happenings and anything that could go wrong will feel ten times worse when you’re supposed to be on the holiday of your dreams. For a lot of people, this is a luxury cruise. When you go on a cruise trip, you may rest assured that the cruise line company has done everything in their power to make your trip perfect but there are some things that they can’t control, which is why you need a good cruise holiday insurance policy for your dream holiday.

What does Cruise travel insurance cover?

  • Cancellation - do not let a change of plans you can't control spoil your holiday
  • Baggage - arrange cover for baggage & personal belongings to be protected from thieves and damages
  • Medical expenses - stay healthy on your travels
Best travel insurance for cruises

What can you add to the Cruise insurance cover?

  • Excess Waiver - add excess option to your policy and be covered for a full amount of accidents
  • Hazardous activities - cover many adventure activities to make your travel safe

How to choose the right Cruise travel insurance policy?

Firstly, find out exactly what is covered by the insurance and the maximum amounts of money they pay in each case.

Secondly, consider what other circumstances you may be subjected to, and what extras you may need for your trip. Taking all this into consideration will help you tailor your insurance to your needs.

Spend time evaluate all possible situations you may encounter. Remember that it is always best to prevent unnecessary spending and to take care of everything in advance. The last thing you want in a crisis is to be worrying about how you’re going to get yourself out of it. Investing in decent cruise travel insurance is one of those things you hope you’ll never need but you will thank yourself if you do.

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