"It Won't Happen to Me...!" Will You Be Worry-Free, or Risk a Travel Trauma?

09 Aug 2017 by Olga Brighton

Travel Insurance Tips

Who doesn’t love a holiday? Whether visiting family or friends, or getting away from it all on a rural retreat, travel insurance may be the last thing on your mind when planning your next break. After all, it’s tempting to think “ it won’t happen to me ”….but trust us when we say “it just might…”

As we approach peak holiday season, we see plenty of examples of Globelink customers needing assistance while away, so don’t leave yourself out on a limb for your next trip.

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Last year UK Insurers paid out a whopping £365 Million for overseas medical treatment, cancelled trips, stolen baggage and other travel risks. But it’s not just about financial protection. Did you know that most travel insurance policies have a 24/7 Emergency Assistance Service to help with emergencies while abroad? They are the unsung heroes of travel insurance who become your closest friend if you have a travel mishap. Assistance Companies have experienced multi-lingual teams to handle any situation our intrepid customers throw at them, with specialist Doctors to monitor and advise on all medical cases and medical repatriations.

Travel mishaps

Whether it’s holiday tummy, or a serious, life threatening illness or injury, they are there 24 hrs a day to arrange emergency treatment, cover costs and find flights if you need to rush back for an emergency at home. This requires a mind boggling array of skills including empathy, ingenuity, efficiency, tact and diplomacy in equal measure. Calls are often from very distressed customers with loved ones ill or injured and the team must show compassion, whilst also obtaining the information necessary to validate insurance cover and arrange the right support.

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Here are two recent genuine examples of Globelink customers who called for help:

1. Whilst in the USA, Mr D called the Assistance team because his wife had a fever. A hospital visit was arranged and Mrs D seen by a doctor. The assistance doctor and treating doctor agreed that Mrs D was not fit to travel home to Europe as planned the following day. Medical costs of £3,750 were covered and the assistance team stayed in touch until Mrs D was well enough to travel. Flights and transfers home were then duly arranged and paid for. Mr D later wrote “sincere thank you to everyone who helped get my wife home safely after her illness. The quality of service, speed of response, friendliness and dedication have been truly impressive”. Great feedback from Mr D.

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2. J in his early 20's, was injured in a boating accident in New Zealand and suffered a fractured shoulder and broken leg. He was admitted to hospital and throughout his stay the Assistance team kept in touch and supported J in completing all necessary accident forms and formalities. Medical costs were covered too. The team also kept J’s parents in Europe updated of progress, which was invaluable due to time difference. Once J was fit enough to travel, all repatriation arrangements were made, including an attendant to accompany J on the journey home to provide assistance every step of the way. Flights, transfers and medical costs of £13,750 were covered by his Globelink policy. J’s father subsequently wrote thanking the Assistance team “for their support and professionalism which was second to none”. Can’t get better than that!

So do yourself a favour and don’t skimp on getting decent travel insurance to protect you and your loved ones. Take as many trips as you like in a year with a Globelink Annual Multi Trip policy, starting at under £60. Get quote and buy travel insurance.

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