A Trip to Bryce Canyon, Utah, USA

24 Oct 2018 by Olga Brighton

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We love to tour the U.S. which has some amazing national parks located in the state of Utah; a few are within an easy car ride north east of Las Vegas on the I-15. So, we organised a trip to Bryce Canyon.

We took a little detour to Kolob Canyon, which is on route just off exit 40, which is worth a look.

Kolob Canyon

After Kolob Canyon we continued north on the I-15 turning off at Cedar City taking the UT-14 east picking up the US-89 north then on to the scenic drive of UT-12 east, it’s all worth the drive when you are taking in these breath taking sceneries with some of the strangest rock formations you have ever seen and this is just the warm up before you hit Bryce canyon.

I don’t want to show too many photos and spoil all the fun but here are a few.

Bryce Utah

At the end of Scenic road UT-12 you come to the town of Bryce this is where we stayed for our visit, we had 2 nights at Ruby's Inn which is a great place to stay, great rooms all nice and clean and good food.

And very close to the Canyon without emptying you wallet, so can recommend it for your stay, it is a pretty cool place.

The next morning it’s only a very short ride to the rim of Bryce Canyon (under 4 miles on a straight road), and yes all the build-up is worth it, and no photo will ever do it justice, so it's a must see with your own eyes.

Scenic hwy 12 Utah

It’s completely different to any other canyon I’ve seen in structure and colours, which change with the levels of light during the day, staying so close you can capture the sunsets etc.

If you are the energetic type you can hike right into the canyon for miles on a number of hiking routes, if like us you prefer to take it a little easier you can walk around the top rim most is fairly easy but if you are wheel chair bound or infirm it could prove a little difficult to tour the complete rim but could visit certain viewing points that are paved.

Bryce Canyon  Utah

Few Travel Tips Bryce Canyon:

The canyon sits at a high altitude at around 8000 feet (we got to just over 9000 feet in one area) which can leave you with a bit of a fuzzy head.

For those of you new to the United States you can’t buy paracetamol tablets there but the equivalent is Advil, if in doubt or you take other medicines – always have a talk with the pharmacist. Best to pick these up beforehand in Vegas from a “Drug Store”.

Bryce Canyon park

Also, it can get very chilly at altitude so take jackets. Our trip was in November, ok in the sun but very chilly in the shade and after sundown even for a hardy Brit.

Also Las Vegas is an easy fly into destination and a bit of fun before driving north into the desert. Don’t worry it’s all quite civilized, air conditioned car and many a truck stop to pick up your beef jerky and Yorkie bars. If this is not your thing you can follow our lead and stop at one of the very nice restaurants on route to dine in, whatever you do, enjoy it.

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