Long-Awaited Guide Plan.Pack.Explore From FCO

10 Sep 2012 by Olga Brighton

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This week FCO has launched the ultimate travel guide, "Plan.Pack.Explore", for those planning a trip abroad. Travel advice and views in the guide are based on the collective knowledge of individual travel experts, the UK tourism industry and the Know Before You Go Team.

FCO travel guide

The guide contains a wealth of information to help travellers understand exactly what they need to do before they go away and during the trip: from getting the right visa, travel insurance, keeping money safe to local laws and customs. It also explains exactly what the FCO can and cannot do if tourists get into trouble abroad. In addition, you will find out where most issues occur when people travel, how to manage money on a trip, what jabs you should have in order to visit certain countries.

"Plan.Pack.Explore" travel guide tells you how to “Go glocal: think global, act local”.

"Plan.Pack.Explore" is available for free in print, online and as an app for iPad, iPhone and Android devices.

The benefits of the Plan.Pack.Explore app include:

  • Travel Checklist - It allows travellers to develop personal check lists that will help to prepare for a trip and not to forget something important.
  • My Notes - This function allows users to write personal notes that act as reminders for a later date.
  • Plan.Pack.Explore app provide latest FCO travel news, useful contacts section for Embassies, Consulates and High Commissions abroad, and holiday countdown function.

You can download the app at the following links for Android, for iPad and iPhone.

You can download or host the digital version here. It is easy in navigation and very easy to read.

Printed copies can be ordered by contacting the KBYG team directly at their email.

As a partner of the "Know Before You Go" campaign, Globelink International Ltd. would like to say that "Plan.Pack.Explore" travel guide was created to help tourists avoid running into preventable problems overseas, so use your chance to be smart traveller thinking about your own safety. Spread the word about "Plan.Pack.Explore" to decrease the amount of people who get in trouble.

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