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Travel Insurance for Polish Residents

Travel Insurance for People Living in Poland

Good news for Polish travellers who want to tour the rest of Europe and the World. Globelink International has a wide variety of Polish travel insurance (Ubezpieczenie turystyczne) plans that is tailor-fit for any traveller. Whether you just want to go on a short holiday with the family or a busy businessman who need to meet with international clients multiple times in a year, there is a policy customized to fit your needs.

Globelink aims to meet the requirements of European expatriates so it has designed travel insurance plans that can cover all possible eventualities for EU residents traveling abroad. You can choose a policy based on how frequently you travel and the duration of travels you usually take. Cost is not a problem because you can choose from a variety of options that can meet your budget yet still provide sufficient coverage to make your trip worry-free.

Choosing Based on Your Travel Frequency

Many Poland residents travel abroad to enjoy an annual holiday break or to visit relatives from Europe and across the world. But there are those who work in multinational agencies or are engaged in international businesses that require them to fly more than a few times each year. Globelink has plans to make travel insurance for Poland residents cost-effective for both regular and occasional traveller.

A Single Trip policy provides cheap travel insurance coverage for those who only travel intermittently. Expats from Poland who want to travel abroad can enjoy the luxury of a worry-free vacation knowing they have coverage for medical emergencies, lost valuables, delayed travels, and various other unforeseen circumstances.

For those who fly in and out of Poland several times a year, it is more cost-effective to enrol in an Annual Multi-Trip policy which provides coverage for every travel regardless of how many times these are in a year.

Choose Based on Your Travel Duration

When traveling for a short duration of up to 60 days, a Regular Stay – Single Trip insurance coverage will suffice. However, if you are planning to go on an extended vacation or business trip, there are Comprehensive travel insurance plans that can match your budget. A Comprehensive – Single Trip policy will provide you with coverage for one return trip travels up to 15 months with an option to extend to 18 months. For those who are between 66 to 79 years old, the maximum duration is 6 months and those aged 80 and above are limited to 3 months duration.

Everything Else in Between

Globelink offers several other travel insurance policy options and extensions to meet the unique requirements of expat travellers from Poland and the other EU member countries. At Globelink, there is always a perfect plan to assure you of a perfect trip anywhere in the world.

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