Stay Aware From These Things in Australia

10 Apr 2009 by Olga Brighton

Travelling to Australia

Australia is subjected to adverse weather conditions including cyclones, annual floods and wildfires. Be aware of the dangers in your area that you wish to explore before setting out to do so. Make sure you are travelling when good weather is predicted not during the Wet season. If you are travelling during the dry season be prepared with supplies necessary for your survival should something unexpected happen to you. Travellers should be aware of where their valuables are, and protect their pocketbook and wallet from pick- pockets and other thieves.

Travel Insurance

Make sure to have your travel insurance on you at all times, check for additional overage opportunities in order to insure your safety. Finding Australia travel insurance specifically made for travelling to Australia might be a very good idea. Staying within the popular tourist spots in the cities will help ensure your safety, but if you happen to get lost and end up in the wrong section of town remain calm and find your way back quickly. Because Australia is so close to Asia, heroin trafficking is common in the back alleys and back streets. So try and stay on main streets.

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Travel Security

After parking your car, make sure you lock it, and that the windows are securely closed. Don't leave packages or purses on the seat even if they are insured; tuck all valuables away in the trunk. Watch your ATM usage as some machines are tampered with and your money will get stuck inside. Just like in other countries, hitch-hiking is dangerous. You will see a lot of hitch-hikers, but you would be wise to let someone else pick them up. 000 can be dialed from any land phone in Australia, and is free. It connects you with an emergency operator and the operator will then channel your call to the correct party to help you. Do not dial this number unless it is an emergency. If you are on a cell phone you can also dial 112 to obtain similar assistance. Travel safely with cheap travel insurance from Globelink!

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