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Cheap Accommodation & Budget Rentals in Italy

03 September 2015 by Anna Staford

Travelling to Italy

As with many other European countries, Italy offers anything from pretty moderate and affordable attractions available for any tourist to the ultimate in luxury experiences. The same is true when it comes to finding accommodation. In case you are not one of those people lucky enough to be able to afford hundreds of pounds for a one night, stay keep on reading to find cheaper accommodation in Italy.

Contact the hotels directly

Hotel in Italy

It’s a known fact that well-known and popular websites offering hotel reservations take their fee for being a mediator. Use them to find the option you like and then try to email the hotel or visit their own website and check their prices. You may find the same deal at a lower price.

Discover Italian’s agriturismo

Since many Italian families have farms located in picturesque regions all around the country, why not stay closer to the real Italian life and stay in a special accommodation for guests. This may cost you around 40 euros per person depending on a farm location and the services included such as fresh home-made meals, guided walks and horse riding. This option is perfect for family holidays allowing children to spend time with animals and staying outdoors.

Search whether there is a camping available in your destination

Camping Italy

Usually, camping is in a fenced area on the city outskirts allowing tourists to stay in tents, small houses or caravans and motorhomes. There are all necessary facilities and prices that will surprise many unfamiliar with this travel option. One night stay in a small house may cost around 15 euros.

Stay in hostel

Hostels are small and convenient places with a friendly atmosphere and low prices. There are rooms for one person only or the options for several people. Again, such place is good for a family stay or for a group of friends travelling together. Low prices will help to compensate some of the possible inconveniences and the opportunity to meet and get to know people from all over the world while having breakfast in the morning can only be a bonus.

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Rent a room in one of the Italian homes

People often offer a room or two for rent during the hot tourism seasons, usually you can ask a person you meet and like in the street and he or she will either take you home or recommend a friend or relative who has a spare room.

Find your rental right on the spot

Rental Italy

This may sound more reckless and risky than the advice given above but this option is preferred by many travellers. Simply step outside the city centre and look for small rentals that may not have their own websites so for that reason you may find many more opportunities booking direct rather than on the Internet.

Travelling around Italy doesn’t have to be an unaffordable dream, search for suitable internet options, browse relevant forums, or ask experienced travellers advise helping you find the way to see what Italy has to offer. Go get your unforgettable memories and remember to travel safe with Globelink International!

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