Top 10 Exotic Foods to Try In Turkey

24 Jul 2014 by Olga Brighton

Travelling to Turkey

Turkey is home to a diverse culture, rich history, beautiful landmarks and a host of different cuisine. Here are ten unique foods to try in Turkey that you will not want to miss out on:

1. Turkish fava bean puree

Fava beans are known for their unique taste and good nutritional value. In this dish, the beans are cooked to the point that they break apart and then pressed in a strainer.

2. Turkish roasted eggplant salad

Turkey famous food

Turkish eggplant salad is a simple dish made up of eggplant, olive oil and salt but mayonnaise or yoghurt may be added to give it extra flavour.

3. Turkish-style celeriac with olive oil

Celeriac is a traditional vegetable dish in Turkey especially during the autumn and winter months. It’s cooked using its own juices and flavoured with olive oil, and orange and lemon juice. It’s a perfect side dish for a cold meal.

4. Braised fava bean pods

This fava bean pod dish is cooked with olive oil and is notable for its earthy flavour. It’s good on its own, but even better served with plain yoghurt.

5. Turkish vegetarian stuffed eggplants

Turkey traditional food

This dish is also known as ‘the priest fainted’, because according a legend, an imam fainted after having a taste of this Turkish treat. Try it and you’ll know why.

6. Turkish-style pinto beans

These are cooked with carrots, garlic, onions and fresh tomatoes, and its best served cold. Try this if you’re tired of the usual bean recipes.

7. Steamed samphire

This is an exotic dish prepared with garlic and olive oil, and it’s perfect as an appetiser. This is a very popular dish around the Mediterranean and Aegan regions, a must to try for any traveller in Turkey.

8. Turkish braised leeks with carrots

Turkish delicious

You can’t go far in Turkey without running into carrots and braised leeks and they are something which are definitely worth trying in your soup.

9. Romano beans

Romano beans are very highly thought of in Turkey and this is a very popular dish. It is served with onion and tomatoes before being drizzled with olive oil; a perfect combination.

10. Fancy artichoke bottoms

If you’re looking for a vegetable salad or starter, then you must try this. Artichoke bottoms are mixed with different kinds of vegetables and while artichokes are common in Turkey, this is still a celebrated dish.

While you’re having fun trying all these different dishes, be careful not to over-do it, remember your system may not be used to all these different and exotic foods and the last thing you want to do is ruin your holiday by becoming ill! Travel safely with Globelink!

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