10 Most Useful Inspiring Travel Videos

08 Nov 2012 by Olga Brighton

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It is a well-known fact that our visual memory perceives and remembers information better then aural memory. We remember only 10% of what we read, 20% of what we hear, 30% of what we see, 50% of what we see and hear. Therefore, reading information is good but reading, watching videos and listening will work much better. So, here is a list of top 10 inspiring free travel videos that contain useful tips and advice for experienced travellers as well as beginners.

1. How to Pack a Carry On

Packing is what every trip preparation starts with. Travellers usually start thinking of packing two weeks before trip but actually start packing at last minute. So it happens that we are tearing around, grabbing everything at once without thinking it through carefully and probably forgetting something important. This 3 minutes video will put your packing process in order. Follow easy and effective steps what and how to pack.

2. What to Do If Your Passport Is Stolen While On A Trip

FCO always warn travellers that in the event that you lose your passport while on a trip, you will lose your holiday. Losing your passport in a foreign country brings so much trouble that it is hardly possible to enjoy the rest of vacation. So, your trip turns out to be a nightmare. In order to avoid this headache watch the video providing information for British Nationals. The video gives you step by step directions what to do if your passport is stolen while on a holiday.

3. How to Travel Cheaply

It is a natural desire for people to cut down expenses. Travellers try to save some money so that they are able to spend more on transportation to visiting places. This entertaining video reveals secrets of how to travel cheaply, how to find good deals when booking hotel rooms, buying airline tickets and so on. Besides, you can also find many other interesting free travel videos including travel advice and tips at the Howcast’s YouTube Channel.

4. Gap Year Travel Advice

A large number of travellers go on a gap year in search of adventures and new experiences. If you are planning to go on a gap year, here is some information about what you should do before you leave on a gap year. If you have never done this, you should definitely watch the video. It explains how travelling in general can help people make their life better because travelling broadens our mind and opens our eyes. It is a very inspiring video that encourages you to plan a trip if you are not already travelling.

5. Tips for Travelling Safely

I guess most of us have stayed in a hotel at least once in our lives. Are we concerned about hotel security? Do you know how many attacks happen every day in hotels around the world? What travellers should know about hotel security, especially whilst staying at luxury hotels? You will find out the answers to these questions by watching this video including tips for staying safe when travelling around the world. If you want to learn more tips about travelling safely you should watch other CBS News videos.

6. Winter Weather Travel Tips

Winter travel advice is a vital question as winter is coming. Winter time is more dangerous for travellers than summer time. Snow causes more cancelled trips, injures, and accidents. You should be very careful when using public transport in order not to get injured. Here you will find some tips how to use public transportation during severe weather.

7. Peter Greenberg's Travel Secrets

Want to learn some surprising travel secrets about airline flights, credit cards, hotels? Watch Peter Greenberg's Travel Secrets video. You will learn from Peter which airlines are of a high quality and less expensive than others. Also, you will find out what the most expensive and less expensive airports are. And this is just a drop in the ocean out of all the other things you will learn in just 5 minutes.

8. How to Travel Through Europe by Train

Sometimes travelling by plane can be quite expensive. However, you can should consider the advantage of travelling by train through Europe. It is much cheaper and can be a real pleasure because it allows you to see some beautiful parts of the continent. This video will give you some tips for travelling by train through Europe. It explains the different classes of trains, automatic travel machines to book ticket, online system of ordering tickets, schedule details etc.

9. Family Travel Tips

Family vacation is a vital topic for all parents. We always ask ourselves what to take, where to go to feel comfortable while going on a trip with children. These two free videos (Family Travel Tips and Kid-Friendly Travel Tips) will share some tips about what products may help to keep you safe and comfortable for your holiday travels with children, what destinations should you choose for family vacations.

10. International Travel Tips - Travel Guide

Do you know what the difference is between international and domestic travel? Here is a video that helps to find out what to take (adapter) and what not to take (cell phone) with you on an international trip. Learn how to plan and what to avoid during your international trip. This video also contains some travel tips for women, car rental tips and so on and so forth. Traveller, all this advice is created for you to be safe, to travel smart and have fun! Enjoy!

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