Best 5 Tips and Advice for Globetrekkers

09 May 2012 by Olga Brighton

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Are you a fan of globe trekking? Do you enjoy hiking and climbing? Or is it the first time you want to try globe trekking? Doesn’t matter whether you have had tons of experience in this or you are a newbie, this is exactly the time to bring your desires to life! We are proclaiming: the season of backpacking is open!Let’s start planning your trek to make it the most unforgettable experience.

1. The best globe trekking destinations

The world is so huge that it is impossible to see everything even for those who are real globetrotters. However, there are places that impress people to a greater or lesser extent. That is why we mention the places that are the biggest globetrekkers’ passions. The most popular trekking destinations are as follows:

  • Everest Trek and Kala Pattar in Nepal
  • Kilimanjaro Trek in Tanzania
  • European Treks (including the Alps, The Pyrenees etc.)
  • Machu Picchu Trek in Peru
  • Morocco Treks (including Mount Toubkal, Atlas Mountains)
  • New Zealand treks (Southern Alps)

So, go ahead and find the one you would like to go for! You could find the list of great propositions by navigating to the top 10 trekking destinations for summer.

2. How to pack your backpack smart

How to pack backpack

All right, now you have chosen the destination. Let’s move to the next step. For long trips, like backpacking around the world, packing becomes more of an art. So, let’s see how you should pack your bag.

  1. Research the area where you travel. It should indicate your next steps: what to pack, what not to pack.
  2. Check the weather and special conditions.
  3. Pack suitable clothing and footwear for the adverse weather conditions you might face at higher altitudes.
  4. You should continue with packing the most important documents such as passport, debit/credit cards etc.
  5. Make sure you pack necessary things such as first aid, insect repellent, prescribed medication, map/guidebook, umbrella, cosmetics etc.
  6. Don’t forget to pack necessary equipment. In most cases, it takes more space than everything else. So, try to pack smart such things as tent, sleeping bag etc.
  7. Remember about all electronic things such as camera, mp3, laptop/ipad, iPhone (with apps for travelers).

Here are some useful tips when packing your bag in order to avoid troubles and to make your bag smaller.

  • The golden rule is to pack light, thin clothes and less of them.
  • Don’t take things you can buy or borrow on trip. Keep in mind that the smaller your bag is the less it sticks out and the less vulnerable you feel.
  • It is a good idea to keep size/weight down.
  • The best type of a sleeping bag is a silk one.
  • Big hiking boots take up a lot of room and are heavy to carry. They are torture in hot weather and you will go through socks very quickly. Thus, you will always have smelly feet. Try to wash them often and not to put inside of your bag.
  • Always carry your travel documents, jewelry, traveler's checks, electronics and other valuables in a small pursue or in a belt around your waist.

If you are going to follow these tips, first, it might seem difficult for you or would change the rules you have had. However, it will make you a more disciplined and efficient traveler.

3. How to find good companions for globe trekking

Backpacking group

We always face this problem whilst planning a trip: with whom to do this?

It is obvious that we would like to have a trekker companion, who is going to be quick-witted, experienced, and enduring, who is not lazy and physically weak, and who could overcome obstacles and solve unexpected problems. Certainly, this person should be interesting to spend time with.

So, when choosing a companion, it is very important to have one:

  • who is familiarized with the local roads or good at geography
  • who is a hardy and will not quit on a half of way
  • who can provide you first-aid
  • who has a sense of humor
  • who is ready for extreme things

To have more fun and feel safer you can go globe trekking with a group. However, consider that the amount of people should not be too big because it is always hard to deal with a crowd. You travel to spend good time, not to solve others problems, don’t you?

Sometimes travelers face the problem when they can’t find a companion. If you have no friends who would like to accompany you, use the internet. The best decision is to search on travel forums and you will find many like-minded travelers.

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4. Best food when globe trekking

The last but not the least when you are preparing for global trekking is food. So, here are several good points to keep in mind.

  • Never bring perishable food.
  • Everyone’s body has its own schedule for eating. That is why keep your pockets full with small snacks for quick access.
  • The right breakfast can help set you up for the whole day. So, think what “right breakfast” is for you!
  • Sometimes your body needs an energizer. Fruits would be a great method to deal with this.
  • If you have a sweet tooth, don’t forget to bring some chocolate or candies as you might have no chance to buy some.
  • You need enough water every day. So, don’t forget to bring a plastic bottle with you.
  • Remember to take it easy on the alcohol. It is no fun globe trekking with even a bit of a hangover.
  • You should know that food is one the most important factors of well being and feeling super fit.

5. Travel insurance

Backpacking travel insurance

Final and the most important thing is your safety! If you are planning a backpacking trip, do not forget to consider long-term travel insurance. People say that nothing bad will happen if they are going to be very careful. Unfortunately, experience shows that no matter how careful you are things can go wrong whilst on a trek. The most typical trouble is to be robbed. Especially when it is crowded, you cannot completely control your backpack. Thus, in order not to be robbed:

  • Try not to have many things worth robbing.
  • Keep anything valuable in a small bag/pursue.
  • Keep passports, cash and bank cards in a belt around your waist.
  • Carry as little cash as possible, you can always use your card.

You likely agree that you feel more relaxed when you don’t constantly worry about something while traveling. So, make sure you are properly insured.

The other thing you should think about is what globetrekking options your policy covers. This, of course, is a matter of choice. You should buy travel insurance in accordance with your own intentions. However, some options could vary depending on the company.

For instance, Globelink recently made an alteration to the cover we provide for trekking. Now all Globelink travel insurance policies will cover you for trekking to altitudes of up to 3500 metres (that’s almost 11,500 feet!), so long as it does not involve technical climbing (for that you would need mountaineering cover). We are the only travel insurer who has provided this level of cover for free. Become one the first who get this great deal!

To sum up all these 5 items let me emphasize one thing: careful preparation is the key to a successful trip. Therefore, pay much attention when preparing for globe trekking. Travel safe, have your backpack comfortable to carry, find nice companions, and get great impressions at all times.

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