Top Easter Activities for Families During Quarantine

06 Apr 2020 by Olga Brighton

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As we approach Easter whilst we’re all still maintaining the coronavirus quarantine, it’s important that you look after your family by finding new ways to boost morale and keep everyone fit and healthy, with both physical and mental activities. If you are looking for some fun Easter activities for families, then we have some exciting ideas to keep the whole household entertained during this challenging period.

Easter garden games

Easter garden games

If we’re lucky enough to see some bright sunshine over the Easter period, and you are fortunate enough to have some outdoor space at home, then there is no better idea to get out in your garden by enjoying some outdoor activities. One activity you could enjoy with your family is to decorate hard-boiled eggs and play a traditional egg and spoon race using your decorated eggs; this could entertain the kids for a while, especially if you went a bit further by turning it into the ‘Easter Olympics’ and add a selection of games to attempt – an obstacle-course egg race! Skipping rope relay, three-legged race, sack race and any other old favourites you can think of!

Don’t forget the traditional Easter egg hunt! You may need to be more imaginative this year if you can’t reach shops so easily, or get hold of chocolate eggs. Maybe try home-made Easter biscuits or cupcakes. Pinterest boards such as this one from Zoella have an endless supply of ideas to help. An Easter hunt is perfect for any age and you can make it as easy or as challenging as you like. Give it a twist by adding clues and riddles to help locate each item. If you have a larger household, perhaps split your family into 2 teams and give them a separate set of clues that lead to the golden egg or prize of your choosing.

Do you have a garden that needs a little spruce up at this time of year? Why not get the kids involved? You could start growing some herbs and spices or create a vegetable patch. This is fantastically beneficial for kids and helps encourage healthy eating, sensory development, responsibility, patience and more. What better time to develop a bit of partial self-sufficiency too? And you can guarantee that veg that kids have grown themselves will taste better to them! Start with simple vegetable that grows quickly, such as baby carrots, radishes, or potatoes.

Throw a mini Easter family party

Easter party

Though your household may be in quarantine, it doesn’t mean you can’t throw yourselves a little Easter party for those in your house. Include everyone in the preparation, cooking, and entertainment. A superb way to entertain kids and keep them active is a dance-off, or karaoke session. Theme it to suit the family – choose a decade or music style that will entertain most. Or mix it up and match the theme to the person. You could even make it a competition to win some Easter prizes! If you really want to be creative, why not create your own family song and record it to share with extended family and friends, whether it turns out to be a number one hit or on a comedy show like ‘You’ve been framed’, it’s a good activity to get everyone involved. And it helps extended family and friends stay entertained and see how you’re doing too! If you want some assistance with creating the song, why not get help from some virtual professional musicians?

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Other Easter party games could include passing the parcel, sleeping lions or Easter bingo by using premade Easter bingo cards or get the kids involved in creating their own. Try a blindfolded taste test or blindfolded drawing where a partner directs what to draw. If your children really enjoy drawing or colouring in, then why not invent your own colouring book or ‘paint by numbers’ artwork, as there is no better time to put your creative skills to the test.

If you want to try something a bit different and exciting for your Easter party, why not try creating a live digital quiz with a free quizzing app like Vevox and you could even get your whole family community to take part wherever they are in the world via their mobile phones or digital devices! Create a few quiz rounds including a fun travel quiz to test your family’s geography, a quiz on an Easter theme and you could do a round based on family questions to add some humour into your live quiz. The choices are endless, go wild and have fun!

Create your own Easter themed or unique board games

Easter board games

It’s great fun to create something that is completely new and unique. So why not change some of the rules to a pre-existing game such as Cluedo or create an entirely new board game? It might be the next big thing! The board game could be Easter based such as ‘who can collect the most egg cards by guessing the correct Easter charade’ or you could do a travel themed Monopoly, where all the properties are capital cities and the cards you create are travel themed questions, such as ‘What is the capital of Germany’ or ‘What country is known for Cookie Dough?’ If you want some homemade board game templates or ideas to help you get started, then there are lots available on Pinterest.

Be inventive with Easter arts and crafts

There has never been more information, books, and websites on crafting. Easter is a great time to get creative. Decorate an Easter tree by making your own mini Easter decorations to hang on your tree! Take a look out of your window, or a trip into the garden with your sketchbook and pencils and draw what you see - is it a tree, flowers, buildings, or a tiny ladybird on the leaf of a plant? Find some old magazines or newspapers and make a collage or scrapbook. Or if you have flowers to spare in your garden, try flower pressing. If you want to try something more unusual with your arts and crafts, then why not create an Easter ‘no-sew’ sock bunny by using odd-socks and any materials you can find in your house. It’s all easy to do and could make a great keep-sake from this most unique of times!

More indoor Easter activities

Easter baking

A duvet day can be amazing with a bit of preparation. Gather a selection of your favourite films or pick a theme (e.g. Disney films/Easter movies) and relax on your sofa with your family, your duvet and onesies! Or make a den in your living room with pillows and duvets, so kids (and grown-ups) can watch their selected movies from inside their cubby-hole.

If you want an indoor Easter activity that’s more ‘hands-on’, then some traditional Easter baking will be ideal. Children love being creative in the kitchen and it’s a great way to get the whole family involved. There are so many Easter recipes out there, such as creme egg cakes, bumblebee or flower biscuits or simple rice crispy cakes decorated with mini eggs. Or choose a traditional recipe from a different country or go healthy and try whole wheat and sugar-free banana pancakes; or make simple snacks into a piece of artwork - use string beans for flower stalks and mini sweet peppers for the flower heads and arrange a pretty flower design on a plate.

If you want to make your baking more competitive, why not turn into your family version of the ‘Great British Bake Off’ and appoint judge and bakers. Create your own rules on timings, bake themes and let the judge(s) decide! You’ll have lots of home-baked goodies to enjoy when the competition is over too!

Happy Easter everyone!

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