Travel Expectations vs. Reality

02 Apr 2014 by Olga Brighton

Travel Information

We live in a busy world. We follow the same routine every day: work, home, work home, day by day and year after year. The best way to escape from the hum-drum of our daily lives and temporarily forget about reality is traveling. Unfortunately, there are a number of circumstances that can turn your dream holiday into a nightmare and our inevitably high expectations can make the situation seem a lot worse.


False Expectations


You’ve looked through all the travel brochures, seen the sandy white beaches and clear blue skies and set your heart on relaxing on a deserted paradise with nobody around for miles. Sounds perfect, right?


You arrive, itching to relax on the beautiful beach you have been picturing for weeks…to find a stony beach, murky water and hundreds of other tourists…still sounding perfect? Make sure you do some research and read reviews from real people before you get your hopes up. Read also: 20 Most Scenic Places in the World to Photograph



<img "title="Hotel Expectations" src="" alt="Hotel Expectations" />


You’ll find a luxury hotel on a great deal in a central location, perfect for going out sightseeing and relaxing in the evening.


On the whole, you will get what you pay for in a hotel. On a budget? Chances are you will have to compromise on either location or luxury. Make sure you read real peoples’ reviews before you book a hotel as pictures alone can be very deceiving. Read also: 5 Best Websites for Cheap Hotel Booking


Travelling and relaxing…the same thing?

Relax Expectations


What’s better than adventure and a new experience to refresh you? Surely a change of scenery will leave you relaxed and ready to take on the world again.


Be prepared that travel is not always relaxing! Sometimes travelling can be as tiring as a full time job because you’ll be spending all your time exploring. You’ll want to see everything before you go, but make sure you fit in a bit of time to chill out or you’ll return home even more exhausted as you came. Read also: How to Plan a Trip like a Pro


Your discoveries

Travel Discoveries


You’ll find places that are barely explored and you’ll see things that only a few people will ever get to see. It will be calm and peaceful, just you and nature.


What you’ll probably find is that everyone else has the same idea and these remote locations will be full of tourists. That’s not to say you shouldn’t go, just don’t expect anything else or you’ll be disappointed. Read also: 10 Incredible Places in Europe You May Not Know About


Food pleasure or poisoning?

Food Expectations


You always say you’ll try new things, but you still order your favourites from the local Chinese every time. What better chance to try something different? You’ll sample all the exotic fruit and rare seafood, and come home with completely different tastes you say.


In a bold attempt to taste everything unusual, you’ll forget that your stomach isn’t quite used to all these new things. Remember to take it easy if you don’t want to waste days of you holiday in bed with a funny tummy! Read also: Don’t Leave Japan without Trying These 10 Foods and Mexico for Foodies: 5 Unmissable Eats to Try

Of course, this isn’t a complete list of things that could go a little bit wrong while you’re on your travels. You should always be ready to save your money, protect your health and have a great time so don’t forget to buy the appropriate travel insurance and take all the essentials with you. Be prepared for the unexpected and you won’t be caught out and risk spoiling your holiday.

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