Why Winter is the Best Time to Buy Annual Travel Insurance

18 Jan 2018 by Olga Brighton

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If you love travelling more than twice a year, and don’t want the hassle of buying travel insurance each time you go, or worse still, the risk of forgetting to buy it, then Annual Multi Trip insurance is your best option. To buy annual travel insurance now means you can sit back and book as many holidays as you like, with the peace of mind that your travel insurance is sorted for the entire calendar year. As a regular traveller you’ll save a fortune by avoiding shelling out on Single Trip insurance each time you go gallivanting.

Multi trip

January and February are traditionally the busiest months for advanced holiday bookings as we get lured by the blitz of holiday promotions. Buying your annual policy now and opting for an immediate ‘start date’ means you are covered straight-away for holidays you book, or have already booked.

Buying now ensures that any winter-sun, or winter sports breaks are covered under one policy. However, check before you buy, as most Annual policies won’t offer cruise, or winter sports as standard. Globelink include Cruise cover on all policies and Winter Sports on our Annual Multi Trip policies with a 45+ trip duration.

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Don’t leave purchasing your travel insurance to the last minute, and don’t opt for a future ‘start date’ on your annual policy with the misguided comfort that you’re not travelling for a while. Otherwise you won’t benefit from the pre-departure elements your policy has to offer. For example, if the policy includes Cancellation, this protection kicks-in instantly as long as you opt for an immediate start date. With holiday Cancellation’s being one of the most common reasons for making a travel insurance claim, it’s wise to start your policy immediately and protect any costs that you have pre-paid.

Yearly travel insurance

A good Annual Multi Trip policy lets you take as many trips as you like abroad, under the one policy. However, some companies place travel limits, so look-out for restrictions on the number of trips, and the ‘individual trip duration’. Be sure to buy a policy that covers the longest trip you’ll take.

And because everyone likes a bargain – especially in the January sales - look out for special deals such as kids go free, or couples discounts. This could save you a packet. Beware however, the cheapest policy may not provide the cover you need; and the most expensive may not be the best available! Read the small print and choose based on your individual requirements. Take account of your holiday costs; value of luggage; and always declare pre-existing medical conditions. Sidestep this at your peril, as it could invalidate your policy and cost you dearly in both cash and anguish. Wherever you travel, visit the Foreign & Commonwealth (FCO) Travelaware website for travel safety and security advice and happy holidays!

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