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Do You Miss These Tricks When Searching for a Travel Insurance Policy?

16 September 2019 by Anna Staford

Travel Insurance Tips

Taking the time to compare and search for travel insurance online is easy, but finding the right policy definitely isn’t. If you’re savvy enough to be searching for a travel insurance policy, you could be guilty of missing these tricks. Here are a few tips for finding your ideal policy.

Consider Annual Multi Trip cover over Single Trip cover

If you’re adamant that you’ll only travel once this year, Single Trip cover is fine. If there’s a chance you’ll take two or more trips, then Annual Multi Trip cover is definitely more cost effective. Don’t be put off because it costs a bit more. You’ll save money over the year and have added peace of mind that your travel insurance is sorted. What’s more you’ll receive a handy reminder when it’s due for renewal.

Get yourself free cruise cover

Cruise Travel Insurance

Cruise holidays are more popular than ever, yet you could be missing a trick when searching for travel insurance for your cruise trip. Tour operators will inevitably charge more than necessary, while other companies make you pay extra for the privilege of cruise cover. Look out for Travel Insurance providers who offer free cruise cover as standard, like Globelink.

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Choose couples travel insurance

If you’re travelling with your partner, don’t take out separate policies, otherwise you’ll wind up paying too much. As long as you usually live at the same address, simply search for couples travel insurance. You’ll save money and if you need Emergency Assistance, or make a claim, it will be easier all round.

Find cover for a long-term trip

Long-term Trip

Not everyone opts for the standard one to two week holiday. Some head abroad for work, while others are lucky enough to embark on a long-stay backpacking adventure for months, or even years. This makes it more critical to get the best travel insurance that’s right for you. Look out for backpacking policies that provide long-stay cover up to 15 or 18 months. Look beyond the headline price and check the cover is right for you. You are more likely to need your insurance if you are away for any length of time. Read up on backpacker insurance guide before you buy, so you get it right.

Add an excess waiver option

Your travel insurance excess is the amount you won’t get back if you make a claim. Often the cheaper policies offer less cover and / or a higher excess. This is OK if you want something cheap and cheerful, but you risk being out of pocket when you claim. This is where it pays (literally) to find a travel insurance policy which allows you to add an excess waiver option.

Look for a return home extra option

Return Home Option

If you are buying a long-stay backpacker policy, look out for a Travel Insurance provider that offers return home option. This means you’ll be covered to suspend your insurance and travel home (usually for a maximum of trips). Very handy if you need to pop home for personal, work, or any other reason, without having to worry about your travel insurance lapsing.

Forgotten to buy Travel Insurance altogether?

If you or your loved ones have made the mistake of travelling without insurance, all is not lost. The last trick up your sleeve is to search for one of the few companies out there that offer Already Travelling insurance, so you can get cover even when your trip has already started. And after that - we suggest you buy Annual Multi Trip cover to avoid the risk of forgetting again!

Searching for travel insurance may not be your idea of fun, but it is necessary and well worth it if you need help while away, or need to claim for a mishap or disaster that may strike.

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