How to Choose Winter Sports Travel Insurance

09 Dec 2014 by Olga Brighton

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Most people try to stay at home and put their travel plans aside till the warmer and longer days come back. Others flee from the snow, blizzards and low temperatures to the sunny getaways. But some of us love winter breaks and making the most of skiing, snowboarding, ice skating and many more. It is important, however, to remember that extreme fun may lead to extreme consequences. When partaking in these activities you should definitely consider taking out winter insurance. To get the best cover for your needs, make sure to avoid common pitfalls.

Check off-piste skiing option

Off-piste skiing

Many travel policies do not cover skiing or snowboarding off piste. If you are looking to ski beyond the resort boundaries, read the wording carefully, to check whether you are covered to ski and snowboard off-piste and what terms may apply – for example you may only be covered if you are accompanied by a professional instructor or in a designated area.

Include the cancellation cover

Before deciding what Winter Sports travel insurance to choose, make sure that the policy includes cancellation cover that is enough to cover the pre-paid costs of your trip. This will also have the benefit of covering you from the moment you purchase the policy.

Invest in your health

Helicopter rescue

Choose a policy with good medical repatriation and medical expenses cover, as it tends to be particularly relevant for this type of travelling. Injuries sustained while practicing winter sports may require an airlift via helicopter or repatriation which will be very costly.

Secure your baggage and equipment

Make sure the policy covers baggage, equipment and personal possessions if they get lost, stolen or damaged. This feature is especially crucial for winter trips, as during this season travellers seem to carry more bulky baggage and more fragile equipment.

Protect yourself against capricious winter weather

Cold weather travel

Check if the policy covers missed departure, which happens more often during winter than other seasons. Accidents on the way to the airport, failure of public transport and adverse weather are much more frequent during cold winter months, so make sure you will be covered for missed departure, as well as additional accommodation.

Avoid getting stranded at the airport

If you have arranged your own holiday, rather than booking through a tour operator, check your cover is comprehensive enough for problems such as delayed departure or additional accommodation if you are unable to get home.

Winter sports provide a unique holiday and travel experience compared to any other season. Popular winter sports like skiing, snowboarding, hockey and ice skating boost agility, strength, balance, quickness, but most importantly they boost the fun factor of the trip. However, there is always a chance that fun will be interrupted by a turn of unexpected events. Regardless of your experience and skills, Winter Sports travel insurance is a must have, not an optional.

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