Q and A on Winter Sports Travel Insurance

20 Jan 2015 by Olga Brighton

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Who said that it is only summertime that was made for having fun and rest after long work months? Winter vacation can be truly unforgettable and full of excitement. Of course, you can escape cold going on a cruise trip to tropical countries and return well-tanned and happy. But far more people enjoy winter to the fullest practicing in winter sports. One aspect that makes such holidays trouble-free is having Winter Sports travel insurance. Neglecting it is reckless and expensive and may be caused only buy superficial knowledge on what it really means to its holder. Here are the main questions and answers on winter travel insurance:

To buy or not to buy?

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The answer gets clearer once you know all the benefits of investing in this type of travel insurance. All the basics are included, such as trip cancellation, loss of baggage and documents, medical cover and emergency repatriation. What makes winter sports policy special is a range of extras.

What does it cover?

Travel insurers usually add cover for a long list of most popular winter adventure activities and give you a chance to state your chosen one if it is not listed. Another benefit is a cover for expensive equipment both owned and rented. Just imagine your gear is stolen the first day you arrive. Isn’t it great to have your insurer pay for each day of renting everything you need so you can have your dream holiday go smooth? More importantly, should you have any sort of an accident while having fun in the mountains you’ll be covered for being transported to the hospital, staying there as long as it is needed and, in some cases, repatriated home being accompanied by a medical worker all the way back.

What doesn’t it cover?

What does winter sports insurance cover

This depends only on the insurer you’ve decided to deal with. Always read the small print very carefully and contact the customers support to clarify anything you have doubts about. What is common to all of them is rejecting the claims resulted on not declaring pre-existing medical conditions.

Should it be expensive?

Obviously, we all want to save on where it is possible but do not make up your decisions basing on a price only. Expensive doesn’t necessarily mean good while cheap isn’t always bad. Check the policy features, pay attention to the excess, find out whether the company is trustworthy or not. Try contacting other customers to ask their true opinion.

Cutting corners to save on you own health and wellbeing was never a good idea. Make you winter vacation perfect by planning in advance, booking and purchasing a reliable Winter Sports travel insurance. Travel much and stay safe!

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