What Happen's Next? Life After 31st October

22 Oct 2019 by Olga Brighton

Travel Insurance Tips

Just days before the end of the month and it’s clear as mud what happens after 31st October.

If you have Brexit travel plans now or after 31st October here’s why we recommend you buy travel insurance before 31st October 2019 to avoid Brexit uncertainty:

November Travel
  1. It’s not yet clear what will happen after 31st October and what arrangements individuals and businesses need to make – so best buy now, while you know your options.
  2. If you live outside the UK, within the EU, you may have fewer Travel Insurance providers to choose from due to changes in trading terms between the EU and UK.
  3. The choice of Travel Insurance you are left with after 31st October may be inferior. UK Travel Insurance products are among the best and most reliable in the world.
  4. Buying now means you lock-in a reliable insurance provider. Globelink products are underwritten through Lloyds, who have already published a statement confirming they will continue to honour all commitments, including paying valid claims.
  5. If you travel twice or more in a year, make the wise, cost effective choice and get Annual Travel Insurance. With Globelink annual policies you can travel as many times as you like in a year on one policy.
Weekend in Morocco

What can we look forward in November?

Brexit aside, November is a glorious month for travel enthusiasts.

  • Try an autumn walk full of spectacular autumn russets and golds to clear the cobwebs.
  • Splash out on a long weekend in Marrakesh, Morocco, or Cyprus, or the Canary Islands.
  • Combine a fabulous break with some festive prep and head to one of Europe’s iconic Christmas Markets in Salzburg, Vienna, Prague or Munich.
  • Take in an amazing firework display at one of London’s favourite sites like Alexandra Palace, Crystal Palace or Blackheath.

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