Why to Buy Travel Insurance Online?

20 Nov 2012 by Olga Brighton

Travel Insurance Tips

There are several ways to purchase a travel insurance policy. You may order a policy by phone, directly from the office or online. Current Globelink statistics shows that 60% of policies are bought online. There are around 30% of travellers who still buy policies by phone and do not use the advantage of purchasing it online. If you are the one who hesitates which way is better for you we have prepared the list of reasons why to buy travel insurance policy online.


Online travel insurance is easy to purchase. You can easily get the required information about all types of policies, options, discounts etc. It is not necessary to call your insurer to get the answer to your questions. You don’t need much verification and you have to just provide your personal information and make the purchase through a credit card. Everything is online; just don’t be too lazy to search!

Secure payment


It is fast to access any information needed (including tariffs, existing medical conditions, conditions etc.) You can choose an appropriate policy very quickly and buy travel insurance within 1 minute. You will immediately receive your policy documents and emergency assistance information by email, you will also receive a text with the vital emergency contact details.

Secure Payment

A large number of people still worry about online payments, fraud, etc.

However, according to the statistics, online fraud is lower than conventional retail fraud. You should know that Globelink’s partner, WorldPay never ask you to provide confidential information by email. So, make sure not to give anyone your Personal Identification Number (PIN) or bank passwords to cold callers or in response to unsolicited emails. Try to shop at secure websites only. To learn more read top ten tips for online safety.


You can easily compare different packages online. There is no need to go around many different travel insurance agencies to find the best quote for your travel insurance. It is so easy and time saving to get the required information and best prices online while sitting at home.

travel insurance already abroad


You can order a policy online any time from anywhere. There is no need to schedule a phone call as you may search online when it is convenient for you. Also, there is even an exclusive option to get a quote for a policy while already travelling.


It is possible to find excellent value for money on travel insurance policy online. You will find a number of discounts and good deals on travel insurance websites, which could be difficult to select by phone.

Advice & Feedback

There is a great opportunity to read feedback, reviews and testimonials of other customers who have used the same insurers. Many useful advice and tips may also be found online on different forums and blogs. Customer’s feedback is the best criterion of the quality.


Having arranged a policy online you have an advantage to access your policy information online at any time if you have forgotten your policy certificate at home or if you lost it.

social media gifts


It is very useful to visit your insurer’s website from time to time as some providers run contests, give gifts and discounts for the most active customers. Social media such as Facebook and Twitter are the best sources to stay updated of your insurer’s news. With our first-ever iOS app have your travel insurance with you whenever wherever. Get covered in 2 minutes!

Why should I buy travel insurance?

Now you can see that getting travel insurance online is the most comfortable and effective way of buying policy. It saves your time, money and has a list of other advantages.

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