Globelink Announces Valentine's Day Competition

28 Jan 2015 by Olga Brighton

Globelink Travel Insurance News

London, UK, January 2015 - Globelink International Travel Insurance is thrilled to announce this year’s Valentine’s Day competition.

What makes it special is that the number of winners this year will be 14! The first prize holder will get a new Kindle Fire HD6 Tablet. 20% discount off the next Globelink Travel Insurance purchase is the second prize. The third winner gets 15% off his or her next travel insurance policy. All the other 11 winners who give correct answers to the quiz questions will receive a 5% discount off the next Globelink Travel Insurance purchase.

Kindle tablet

In case you are not aware - Kindle Fire HD6 Tablet is the most affordable tablet ever - with fast quad-core processor, HD display, front and rear cameras, Dolby Audio and five colour choices. It is the best eReader on the market. Great for the whole family allowing to have the individual profiles for sharing books, games, apps, movies with family members. Its small size makes it extremely portable and easy to use in one hand. Performance is smooth and its OS features a variety of family-friendly functions.

The Globelink Valentine’s Day competition is a quiz of 5 simple questions and one tie-breaker. The winner will be the competitor who answers all the questions correctly and gives the best answer to the tie-breaker question. The latter is decided by the Globelink team and the decision is final.

In case of identical entries, the winner will be the earliest one received. Only one entry per person is allowed.

The competition has already begun on the Globelink Facebook page and the Globelink website. Closing date is 14th February 2015 and the results are to be announced in the Globelink February newsletter.

Valentine's day holiday

About Globelink Travel Insurance

Globelink recommends that you have in place travel insurance for you and your family in advance before traveling to your winter holiday destination. The company provides coverage for trip cancellation, medical expenses, lost or stolen luggage with the holiday gifts. Extra cover options are offered as well. There is Winter Sports cover that includes rescue, recovery, medical expenses and repatriation cover for skiing, mono-skiing, ski boarding, sledging and snowboarding.

Take advantage of Globelink travel insurance policies with a great age threshold (Single Trip policies for people aged up to 84 and Annual Multi Trip polices up to age 79), the cheapest prices and excellent customer service.

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