Top 5 Globelink's Policies Bought Within 20 Years

07 Nov 2019 by Olga Brighton

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How have your Travel Insurance needs changed since the 1996? What are your top Travel Insurance Policy choices?

Did you know that you get over 1 BILLION hits if you Google search ‘Travel Insurance’?

That’s why we are immensely proud that November 2019 marks our 23rd Birthday and we are still going strong – THANKS TO YOU!

In November 1996, Globelink was born to proud founding Director, David Deverson, in a bid to provide cost effective, quality travel insurance with a friendly, personal service to customers. Principles still at the heart of our business today.

1996 also saw the birth of Dolly the Sheep - the first mammal successfully cloned from a human cell, and The Spice Girls' debut single, Wannabe!

23 Globelink Birthday

We’ve achieved a lot since then….

  • We’ve provided insurance for over 1 MILLION customers
  • Answered over 300,000 phone calls
  • Paid £2 MILLION in Claims in the past 5 years!
  • Got 14,000 Likes on Facebook
  • Covered residents across 31 EU & EEA countries
  • Gone from paper applications to launching our first Travel Insurance App

You’ve travelled from Katmandu to John o’ Groats. You’ve skydived, scuba dived, potholed and parachuted. Luxury travelled on the Orient Express and budget travelled on bikes and buses - and we’ve been proud to sort your Travel Insurance needs.

You told us you need Already Travelling Insurance and you’ve now got it. Whether your teenage kids have already trundled off on their travel trek; or your globetrotting gran forgot to grab cover; or you simply had a trillion travel tasks to remember - we can sort it with Globelink Already Travelling Insurance.

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So how have your Travel Insurance needs changed since the 1996? What are your top Travel Insurance choices?

The ‘90’s were all about that once a year, two week trip to Europe.

23 years later, in 2019, you’ve literally pushed the boundaries to the ends of the earth.

You now like to travel further; more often; and for longer. You also travel more the older you get. Who can blame you?

Travel destinations are now much more evenly split across Europe, Asia and the Americas. Locations that only the most intrepid of you dared venture in the ‘90’s are now firm favourites, including Cambodia, Vietnam, Peru.
Top Travel Insurance Policies

Top 5 Travel Insurance Policies

Annual Multi Trip: Today 30% of our customers consistently make the savvy option and buy an Annual Multi Trip policy. You can travel as often as you like in a 12 month period and each trip can last from 1 day to 4 months depending on your age and where you are going.

Single Trip Policies remain your most popular buy with 60% of customers purchasing one of our options.

Comprehensive: The most popular Single Trip choice is our Comprehensive policy providing the best levels of cover.

Economy: And next on the list is our budget Economy product. Great if all you need for your travels is the basics.

Backpacker: Whether you’re away for a long weekend, or backpacking for up to 18 months, you’ll find an option to suit.

Already Travelling: Our sales trends indicate that life today is pretty hectic, with more of you being prone to buying Already Travelled Insurance. A record 11% this year compared to averages below 9% other years. It’s worth the last minute purchase though –our biggest Medical claim this year was £125,000.

Policies for People up to 89

Globelink has evolved along with your travel needs and now cover customers for longer trips; cruise cover; over 100 adventure activities; 50 pre-existing medical conditions; and people living anywhere in the EU up to age 89.

Want the reassurance that certain medical conditions like high blood pressure are covered; or you simply want quality, affordable and reliable Travel Insurance for you and your loved ones - take a look at Globelink.

Customers have been trusting us with their travel insurance needs for over 20 years!

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