Top Reasons Why Customers Love Globelink

10 Jun 2019 by Olga Brighton

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Why do our customers love Globelink?

We can now share the top reasons why Globelink has remained a firm favourite with customers. Our warmest thanks and appreciation to all who completed our recent customer survey. Your replies will help shape the future and ensure we continue providing products and services that suit your evolving travel insurance requirements.

Here are your top responses……and a sneaky peek at what we plan to do next.

What is most important to you when purchasing travel insurance?

The top response was "Affordable prices", closely followed by "Quick and easy quote process".

What’s the best Globelink benefit for you?

The top answer was our "Products are available for EU and EEA residents and Eexpats". With "Great upper age limit of 89yrs" and "50 pre-existing medical conditions covered as standard" in hot pursuit.

What Globelink innovations are you most looking forward to?

The clear winner on your wish-list of new products is "Hire Car Collision Damage Waiver insurance". Next on your Globelink innovations agenda is a "Globelink Mobile App" and even "Faster, flexible quote system".

Other top responses on what’s important to you from Globelink includes:

  • Easy to use website;
  • Pre-sales customer support;
  • Easy to renew.

You can continue using Globelink and recommend us to friends and family with confidence, knowing that these were the top replies received. What’s more 93% of reviewing customers rate us as "excellent" or "great" across our review services.

We loved your replies because it shows us where we are getting it right - and where we can improve.

So what do we plan next?

We are very close to launching Globelink Hire Car Excess / Collision Damage Waiver product. Watch this space. It should be available to buy in a couple of weeks. Available to UK and all EU residents, prices will start from as little as £12.45 for 5 days cover in Europe.


The first Globelink Mobile App is also coming soon as another convenient, quick and easy way to meet your travel insurance requirements.

Globelink mobile app

We know you value your time, so we will continue developing our quote process to make it as quick and easy as possible buy search and buy. We will be updating the quote process again by late summer.

Quicker wizard

Thanks again for your support and feedback. We will continue working through the results to help us improve our service to you. Don’t forget, you can buy Globelink Insurance even if you have already travelled. So if you, or your friends and family have started your trip already, you can get covered in minutes.

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