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Travel Insurance for Austrian Residents

Travel Insurance for People Living in Austria

No matter how much you prepare for your travel abroad, there are just too many variables you cannot control. Extreme weather events can derail flights, personal belongings can get lost, accidents can happen – there are so many potential adverse happenings during travel that can make anyone feel stressed even before they have started packing their bags. For Austrians planning to travel to neighbouring countries in Europe or to exotic locations in the East, Globelink offers stress-free travel insurance policies for Austria to cover every potential problem while traveling.

Why You Need to Get Globelink Travel Insurance

Globelink offers the most extensive coverage for various travel eventualities. Whether you are traveling on a single return trip or taking several trips within a year, there is a plan that is tailored-fit to your unique requirements.

With a Globelink insurance policy, you have coverage for medical repatriation to your European country of origin which includes cost of return by air ambulance or other means of transportation deemed necessary by qualified medical personnel. You also have coverage for delayed flights, lost personal belongings including passports and important documents, and personal accidents including hospital confinement.

Globelink has a 24-hour response network which can immediately respond to your needs. If in the unfortunate event of an accident, you or hospital staff can call the Emergency Assistance Service hotline on the numbers printed on your Emergency Assistance Card and at the bottom of your Travel Insurance Certificate.

For non-emergency claims, securing a refund is quick and easy if you follow the specified steps for making claims and making sure that the following information are readily available: Policy name, Certificate Number, country visited, claim value, travel dates and a brief description of the incident including relevant dates. You will need to prepare these information beforehand to avoid delays in the processing of your claims.

Globelink’s Commitment to Serve

Globelink International is committed to serve European expatriates so its travel insurance policies offer a wide range of coverage to match the different types of EU travellers. The Regular – Single Trip policy is for the occasional traveller who wants to go on a short holiday abroad and who requires only basic insurance coverage. The Comprehensive travel insurance plan is for frequent flyers who travel frequently and for extended periods. This plan is perfect for Austrian businessmen and jet-set expats who need more than just basic travel insurance coverage. With a Comprehensive plan, extended coverage options are available for sports activities and even weddings. Regardless of the plan, Globelink provides committed service to make sure you can travel secure and stress-free. Get in touch with us today.

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