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Travel Insurance for Cyprus Residents

Travel Insurance for People Living in Cyprus (excluding Northern Cyprus)

Living in Cyprus can surely be considered as being a member of some kind of paradise on Earth. Amazing beaches, delicious cuisine and mountains  - are just a small part of pleasure which Cyprus offers. But in addition to this fact, Cypriots are highly educated and curious, so they are very keen on travelling worldwide to discover new places and their history. And of course, it would be better to factor in travel insurance (Ταξιδιωτική Ασφάλιση) before you go on your ideal holiday, just to make sure that you would be covered for whatever potential hassle you might have to face.

Why You Need Insurance for Your Trip

As a traveller, you may not foresee random events that could cause unnecessary complications for your trip, but you would have to be prepared for it at the very least in order to avoid troubles financially and in terms of health issues. As such, purchasing a travel insurance before you depart from your home in Cyprus is recommended in order to make sure that your every move is covered and you are protected no matter what happens.

Why a European Health Insurance Card Would Be Rather Useless

A European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) would not be totally useless but bear in mind that it will not cover you in each situation that may happen. However, accidents do not choose where they would occur, and you might just find yourself in the middle of an intolerable situation requiring medical assistance or repatriation wherever you are in the country.

Single Trip Insurance Coverage

There are several types of insurance that you could consider for your trip. Single Trip Travel Insurance would typically include baggage, cancellation, and personal accident coverage. Some would cover loss of personal money as well as coverage for Pre-Existing Medical Conditions. Perhaps the most important thing, though, would be the Emergency medical and repatriation service coverage which often covers up to £5 million, and which would prove to be very helpful in the rare case that you would need relevant services to bring you back to your country during times of disaster or accident. In any case, a common characteristic you should look for is the coverage for common illnesses and accidents that frequently occur to most travellers.

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