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Travel Insurance for Czech Residents

Travel Insurance for Czech Republic Residents

Like many other Europeans, people from the Czech Republic go on one or more holiday trips per year. The most popular months for travel are from July to September where summer temperatures are perfect for sightseeing and outdoor activities. Now, traveling from the Czech Republic to any EU member-state and worldwide can be worry-free with Globelink International’s regular and comprehensive travel insurance (Cestovní pojištění) packages for Czechs.

Common Travel Problems and How Globelink Can Help

Lost or Damaged Baggage. People are sometimes unaware that airlines have the option to fly baggage on separate flights because of plane weight restrictions. When going on long haul and connecting flights, passenger and baggage could be half-way around the world apart and it is not uncommon for luggage to be carried to a wrong destination or damaged during the flight transfers.

Travel Delays. A lot of things can happen on international flights. Weather can change abruptly resulting to delayed or cancelled flights. Plane and ground conditions can also cause flight schedule disruptions.

Medical Emergencies. One of the biggest concerns of people traveling is getting sick, having an accident, or being the victim of mugging or catastrophes that will require medical care. It is bad enough to have to go to the hospital, it is a hundred times worse when you are in a strange land and could not speak the language.

Globelink International provides travel insurance covers for travel delays including missed departures, lost valuables and delayed baggage, personal accidents, mugging, catastrophes, and so many other adverse travel conditions. Its medical insurance policy can cover any resident of the EU and their dependents up to 89 years old. Expats from the Czech Republic can choose between a Single-Trip Cover or Annual Multi-Trip Cover. A Single-Trip policy will cover one return trip with a duration that is between 1 day to 15 months and an option to extend up to 18 months. Frequent travellers can save a lot by opting for a Multi-Trip Cover which covers any number of trips per year with durations depending on the chosen policy.

With Globelink, Traveling Worry-free is Easy-Peasy

Globelink understands that travellers do not want to be burdened with complicated travel insurance enrolment procedures. This is why enrolment can now be done online with just a few simple steps. You only need to select your preferred policy, key in important personal information, pay online and you are covered. Be sure to read the conditions for travel though because there are certain travel duration restrictions for expats who are 66 to 79 years old and those over 80 years old. International travel knows no time zones so Globelink has installed a 24-hour hotline that can respond to your inquiries and immediately take action on your concerns.

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