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Travel Insurance for Slovenia Residents

Travel Insurance for People Living in Slovenia

Slovenian residents prefer to be sure that they will be covered in any extreme situation. That’s why travel insurance for Slovenes is a must-have while travelling. In any case, a trip could only be as fun as it is hassle-free, and to ensure that it would be so, you should consider getting a travel insurance (potovalno zavarovanje).

Mountains are in their blood

Slovenes are very keen on active way of life. There’s a high mountain Triglav located in the Julian Alps, so ski jumping and mountaineering can even be considered an international sport. Some even say that you are not Slovenian if you haven’t reached the top of that mountain at least once in your life.

Many travellers also prefer out of country vacation - there’s a good point to visit neighbour countries, for example, Croatia or Austria resorts which are also full of activities.

Why you need Travel Insurance

Whether you plan a lazy vacation at the seaside or practising extreme sports in the mountains, it would still be a good idea to secure travel insurance for the mere reason that most of the activities you would be carrying out would entail a significant degree of risk as far as your health is concerned. Accidents happen from time to time and given the nature-friendly activities waiting for you abroad, a simple slip while trekking or something as random as a jellyfish sting at the beach could spell trouble financially if you don’t have the right insurance coverage in place.

Would a European Health Insurance Card be enough?

Slovenian insured persons can apply for a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) and the process is quite easy. Aside from the fact that the card comes for free, it also gives you the advantage of getting medical benefits provided by the government. While this proves to be convenient in most cases, keep in mind that nothing beats the wider coverage of travel insurance for expats. Preparing for potential risks and hazards involved in your trip would be the best thing you could give yourself for the holiday season. Peace of mind is essential in making sure that you would be enjoying.

Type of insurance coverage

There are many types of travel insurance for Slovenia Residents you could obtain depending on your situation. Single Trip Travel Insurance coverage would be the most common which offers the most typical features such as travel-related issues as well as emergency health issues. If you are a frequent traveller, you should opt for Annual Travel Insurance coverage as this would translate to bigger savings for you, in the long run, getting the same coverage as with single trip coverage insurance but cheaper when you factor in the total amount as well as the number of trips included in the coverage.

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