The Best 2018 Honeymoon Destinations for Every Budget

12 Feb 2018 by Olga Brighton

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Your wedding day will be one of the most magical and exciting days of your entire life, but once your big day has come and gone, what will you have lined up? Ideally, several days/weeks on honeymoon to somewhere beautiful with your partner. Now, in a perfect world, you may opt for a luxury two-week honeymoon break somewhere luxurious, like a 5-star resort in the Seychelles.

Best honeymoon locations

Unfortunately, not everyone has an unlimited budget when it comes to their honeymoons, so some more affordable options are usually at the top of the reality list. But just because you, like countless other newlyweds, are watching your costs when it comes to your honeymoon, it doesn’t mean that you have to go without. With the right planning and research, there are plenty of beautiful honeymoon destinations out there, no matter what your budget may be. And when you book your honeymoon and take your trip, let people know it’s your honeymoon, and get special treatment wherever you go. If you’re lucky you could also get some complimentary honeymoon treats, such free chocolates or a bottle of bubbly in your room, or an upgrade or two during your trip.

Check out our list of the best honeymoon destinations in 2018 for every budget and see where your honeymoon takes you this year.

And if you are planning on travelling abroad to tie the knot in your honeymoon location, make sure you take out wedding travel insurance so you are covered for all those special wedding items on your trip.

Douro Valley, Portugal

If you’re adamant that you want a hot, beach-themed Mediterranean honeymoon this summer, why not check out Portugal? Portugal offers fantastic value and luxury. Sure, some parts are more luxurious than others, but generally speaking you can easily purchase a two-week honeymoon to Portugal, without spending a small fortune in the process. Read our itinerary guide: how to get the best of Portugal in one week.

With amazing countryside and vineyards, fabulous golden sandy beaches and deep blue seas, Portugal really does give you everything you would expect from a Mediterranean honeymoon, without breaking the bank. For those of you with a taste for wine, be sure to head for the Douro Valley, where some of the finest ports in the world are created.

Tulum, Mexico

Mexico honeymoon

Mexico is one of the most popular wedding destinations in the entire world, and because of this, there are a lot of choices catering for honeymooners. Mexico has a reputation for being a high crime destination, however, providing you choose the right destination, and stay safety conscious, you should be able to enjoy the best Mexico has to offer.

Mexico has everything from luxurious beach resorts, to authentic stays in quaint little farming villages. For your honeymoon, you’ve probably got your sights set on the beach, which is why you should look into going to Tulum. Tulum is wonderful because it is littered with white sandy beaches, amazing seafood restaurants, and Mexican cafes and resorts, without being too expensive in the process. Prices literally range from around $79 per person per night, to $500 in the luxurious and upmarket resorts, so finding your dream destination with a dream price tag to match, will be as easy as Uno, Dos, Tres.

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Cornwall, UK

Yes, we have included a UK destination on our list of popular honeymoon locations, and if you’ve ever been before, you’ll know why. Cornwall is the most South-Westerly county in England, and it is more like its own little country than a county. With its mild climate, green pastures and farmland making up much of the landscape, this, combined with some of the best beaches in the world, yes, the world, helps make Cornwall one of the most popular honeymoon destinations in the UK.

If you love the coast, North Cornwall has some dramatic and magical beaches, including Fistral Beach, Holywell Bay, Mawgan Porth, Trevone Bay, Watergate Bay, and many more. If you enjoy fresh seafood and quaint Cornish fishing villages, places like Padstow, offer world class, Michelin Star dining. Also Port Isaac, won’t disappoint. As it is so far to the south, Cornwall is several degrees warmer than much of the UK, so during the summer, the weather is more likely to stay perfect. Just make sure you sample an authentic Cornish pasty and cream tea, and remember, it’s always jam before cream…

Italy, Europe

Italy honeymoon

Italy is surely the romantic capital of the world, with its breath taking coastline, rich art and culture and world-class cuisine. It’s brimming with perfect locations for star crossed, honeymoon couples with romantic destinations such as the timeless setting for Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, Verona. Not forgetting incredible honeymoon destination like Venice and Rome. Whatever your budget you will find something to suit in Italy, whether you opt for a luxury break on the glamourous Ligurian coast in the northwest, like Portofino, or the stunning landscape and medieval hill towns of Umbria in central Italy, like Perugia, Assisi and Orvieto. Or head for a secluded ‘agriturismo’ spot in the Sibillini Mountains, in lesser known Le Marche.

So, if you’ve chosen your dream honeymoon destination and have taken out suitable travel insurance, all that is left to do is pack your best swimwear and sit back and wait for your honeymoon to begin! Before your dream trip starts, check the latest travel advice from the FCO to ensure you’ll stay safe.

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