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Tips for Safe Travel Abroad

19 January 2011 by Anna Staford

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Safe travel abroad has always been the foremost wish of frequent US, UK & EU travellers. Perhaps this is due to the understanding that by the law of averages, fate might rear its ugly head during a trip abroad. While this apocalyptic outlook does not help calm the nerves, it does make one think of the possibility of an accident or illness occurring while on holidays and what can be done to at least soften the blow of any untoward incident that may happen. This dampens any vacation plan or holiday arrangement but this is something that should be fully understood by travellers, especially the adventure seekers looking for the next adrenaline rush.

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The irony in this is that those who are more exposed to risks are the same people who are likely not to have chosen to be covered by travel insurance. The reasons may be due to affordability issues or the lack of understanding of how insurance coverage works. In any case, there is a need to reiterate the importance of having a safeguard or a fallback plan in case a life-threatening or stress-inducing event occurs while travelling abroad.

Unbeknown to many, travel insurance is not limited to medical and death coverage. In fact, over the years, the insurance industry has made headway to ensure that almost every possible threatening event has a corresponding insurance coverage attached to it. Perhaps one of the areas that have received more attention in the recent years is that of aviation travel, which has a number of associated risks. To ensure safe travel abroad or at least avoid some of the major inconveniences of air travel, planning should be done ahead of time and all bases should be covered. This means that all possible scenarios should be imagined so that an appropriate response can be arranged. This is particularly useful for people who travel to different places to experience an adrenalin rush by engaging in a dangerous sport or activity. Adventuresome individuals are exposed to more risks because they tend to invite danger since it's what makes the entire adventure fulfilling.

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Apart from the usual list of items to pack and things to do, it is high time for travellers to include getting travel insurance in their itinerary. The type of coverage would depend on the need of the traveler; for short trips, they can get the coverage that starts as soon as they reach the airport and they would be compensated for any inconveniences; such as lost baggage, theft, delayed flights, cancelled flights and other similar occurrence and for longer trips, they may require higher levels of cover. In all cases it is advisable to get an insurance that includes medical and accident coverage as well as pertinent services such as legal assistance and emergency evacuation / repatriation.

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Accidents come without warning and when they happen, there is a chance of disability and even death. Either way, it becomes a financial burden to the person involved and his family. With travel insurance, affected individuals could recoup their financial losses. They could get their lives back on track due to easy access to medical and financial facilities wherever they may be.

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