Most Frequently Bought Extra Travel Insurance Options

20 Aug 2013 by Olga Brighton

Travel Insurance Tips

All travel involves risk, and a little bit of risk is good for us. Then again, too much risk can cost us a great deal, which is why many people buy essential travel cover, then top it up with extensions to suit their needs. So what are the top 5 extra travel insurance options chosen by Globelink clients? The answers reveal quite a lot about the way we travel today...

Most frequently bought extra travel insurance options:

Excess waiver

Longer trips to fast-paced cities and places you barely knew existed a decade ago: the world has got smaller, but not the risks. The Excess Waiver option is ideal if the nature of your trip means you’re that bit more likely to make a claim. With no Excess to pay on claims, life becomes simpler and your policy works harder for you. A modest extra cost for a whole lot more cover... no wonder you choose this option more than any other.

Hazardous sports/activities

hazardous sports

And what an active lot you are, too! From bungee jumping to pot holing, from archery to messing about in boats, you don’t travel just to top up the tan.

Nor do you believe in gambling your health and safety for the sake of saving a few pounds. That’s why hazardous sports/activities along with our Winter Sports cover are up there among our top travel insurance extensions.

Extra Cover for Valuables

travel insurance valuables

Whatever happened to packing light? Expensive smartphones, laptops and iPads have become virtually indispensable when we’re on the move. Add a decent camera or camcorder, and you’re a walking magnet for thieves, pickpockets and life’s little accidents. Extra Cover for Valuables takes a weight off your mind.

Return Home

Gap year, career break, ‘me’ time, call it what you will: nowadays, people of all ages are taking one. Our Globetrekkers long-term policies offer cover you can depend on for trips that last up to 15 months. Top up with our special Return Home option, and you’re covered to make two return trips back to your home in Europe when your plans change, or for important stuff that won’t wait. We think it’s a great deal, and so, it seems, do you!

Repatriation cover to Australia, New Zealand or South Africa

The UK is a brilliant travel base, but there are some situations when there’s no place like home. UK-based Aussies, Kiwis and Saffas rely on our special Repatriation option to get them allthe way home in medical emergencies. A smart move, since the last thing anyone wants to face when their health is at stake is a huge bill for air ambulance or medical escort.

Our options don't stop there, though. Did you know Globelink Travel Insurance offers tailor-made Golfer’s Cover? Or Event Cancellation cover, so you needn’t be out of pocket when that long-awaited gig or sports event just doesn’t happen? Or Wedding Cover, against expensive theft or loss when you’re heading off to paradise to tie the knot?

For the things you hope won’t happen, Globelink’s optional Extra Cover is there to give you added protection.

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