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As there are so many travel insurance policies on the market, it’s sometimes hard to decide what cover you need for each trip. We took a look at one of the travel insurance policies offered by a leading bank in the UK, to see what benefits it has to offer in comparison with Globelink Travel Insurance. 

Santander Travel Insurance offers two options: Single Trip and Annual Multi-trip policies. As Globelink specialises mostly in travel insurance, it offers a wider range of cover options, including the policies tailored to Single Trip and Annual Multi-trip as well as Backpackers, Winter Sports and 66+ Travel Insurance. These products are aimed at suiting the requirements of all our customers.


Santander Travel Insurance Comparison with Globelink

  Santander Travel Insurance Globelink Travel Insurance 
Single Trip Travel Insurance policy (based on 1 adult aged 35 years travelling Worldwide for up to 5 days) £42.41 £
Maximum Trip Duration on Annual Policy 31 days 62 – with Trip Duration Extension (no upper age limit) 120 days - for up to 65 years 60 days for 66-70 years
Trekking Covered Up to 1000m with no additional premium
Up to 4000 m – with additional Hazardous Activities extension (£35 - single trip policy, £50 - annual policy)
Up to 3500 metres with no additional premium on all Globelink travel insurance
Extensions Available 7 extensions (Winter Sports, Hazardous Activities, Golf, Business, Wedding, Excess Waiver, Extended Duration) 10 extensions (Winter Sports, Adventure Activities, Wedding, Event Cancellation, Golfer’s Cover, Excess Waiver, Cover for Valuables, Repatriation to AU/NZ/SA, Return Home Option
Cover for Pre-existing Medical conditions (based on 1 adult aged 35 years taking out Single trip policy) Yes Yes, 50 conditions covered as standard
Excess for Medical Expenses Cover (based on 1 adult aged 35 years taking out Single trip policy) £50 £40
Excess for cancellation in Single Trip policy (based on 1 adult aged 35 years taking out Single trip policy) £50 £40
Excess for Missed Departure (based on 1 adult aged 35 years taking out Single trip policy) £50 £40
Personal Liability Cover (Single trip policy) £50 £250

Both travel insurance companies cover a range of pre-existing medical conditions as standard, but you need to check the lists of each company to make sure your condition is covered.

At Globelink Travel Insurance, we may not be as well known as Santander but we have a 20 year successful track record for being Travel Insurance specialists. Compare travel insurance options and select the one that suits you best.


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