Explorer vs. Globelink Travel Insurance

We compared travel insurance policies for you to save your time and money!


Explorer Travel Insurance and Globelink International Ltd. are both UK based travel insurance providers. This article is aimed at helping you to decide which of their Travel Insurance Policies might suit you best.

First, choose the policy type that you are interested in – such as an annual multi trip policy if you travel more than twice a year, or a single trip policy if you plan just one or two trips a year. It’s essential that you read about the products you are thinking of purchasing, and Globelink provides a product summary of all their products. Both companies offer several policy options depending on your specific travel plans. Globelink offers a table comparing all product policies features, and importantly, provides a pop-up explanation against each item, which is not available with Explore’s quotation wizard.

The following table gives you a more detailed comparison of what each company offers so you can choose which best suits you:


Explorer Travel Insurance Comparison with Globelink

  Explorer Travel Insurance Globelink Travel Insurance 

Policy options

Single trip, Annual multi-trip, Backpacker, Cruise, Winter Sports

Cruise cover as standard, Single trip, Annual multi-trip, Backpackers, Already Travelling Insurance, Expat travel insurance, Winter Sports, Gap & Student cover

Who can buy a policy

UK residents only

UK and EU residents

Maximum age for backpackers



Annual policy maximum trip duration 45 days for up to 65 years, 31 days for 66 and over 120 days for up to 65 years, 60 days for 66 and over
Minimum adult age 18 16
Expat cover No Yes
Already Travelling Cover No Yes
Payment Currency GBP GBP & EUR
Lowest Excess £125 (Platinum Lite) £40 (Economy)
Emergency Medical Repatriation & Other Expenses £7 000 000
(Platinum Lite)
£5,000,000 (Economy)
£10,000,000 (Comprehensive)


In addition, both Globelink International Ltd. and Explore Travel Insurance provide covers for numerous Pre-Existing Medical conditions and Hazardous activities. Choose reasonably and stay safe on your trips!


We hope we could help you make an educated choice of travel insurance and wish you to stay safe anywhere you go!


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