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Travel Insurance is essential for every traveller, and as more and more people realise this critical travel fact, the choice in the policies to choose from continues to grow. That’s why selecting the right cover can be tricky as you navigate your way through different benefits, prices, excess levels, policy features.


Saga Travel Insurance along with Globelink International is one of the leading Travel Insurance providers in the UK. Both companies offer affordable travel insurance with varying options in terms of cover, excess levels, cost and extras available. Here is our comparison of the two.


Saga Travel Insurance is traditionally aimed at older travellers. The key advantage of Saga cover is that there is no upper age limit. However, as Saga is specifically aimed at seniors, this means that travellers under 50 years of age are not eligible to buy this product. You are eligible to have a Saga policy if you are under 50 if you are a child and the principal travellers are over 50s. Whereas Globelink Travel Insurance caters for all age groups up to the age 89 yrs and for travellers who live in the UK and also in the EU, as well as Australian, New Zealand and South African passport holders living in UK. On the other hand, Saga Travel Insurance is limited to UK residents only.


Saga Travel Insurance offers 2 policies: Single trip and Multi trip, while Globelink Travel Insurance has a range of policies for various trip types. Winter Sports cover is also provided free of charge for customers who take out 45 day Annual Multi-Trip travel insurance with Globelink. Cruise cover is provided as standard on all policies. Saga policies allow you to add adventure activities to your policy, whereas Globelink include over 100 adventure activities as standard. You can also add more extreme sports and activities for an additional premium. 


Saga Annual Multi trip policies can be optionally increased to 60 or 90 day trip duration. Globelink Annual Multi trip policies offer individual trip durations of up to 120 days per trip.


Below are the key differences between Globelink and Saga travel insurance:

  Saga Travel Insurance Globelink Travel Insurance 
Policy options Single trip, Annual Travel Insurance, Cruise Travel Insurance

Single trip, Annual multi-trip, Backpackers, Already Travelling Policy. Cruise cover is standard on all policy types

Policy extentions available Winter Sports, Hire Car Excess Waiver Cover for Valuables, Event Cancellation, Excess Waiver, Golfer’s Cover, Repatriation to AU, NZ, & SA, Wedding Cover, Return Home Option, Adventure Activities, Cancellation Top Up 
Minimum adult age for main purchaser 50 16
Maximum age no upper age limit 89 (Single trip policy), 79 (Annual trip policy)
Post Departure Cover / Already Travelled Cover


Free insurance for children No Yes (17 years and under covered for free with Annual policy)
Single Trip Policy Excess (for Medical Expenses) £70 £40 on Regular policy

Excess for cancellation in Single Trip policy


£40 on Regular policy
Annual Multi-trip maximum single trip duration Up to a maximum of 120 days per year in your chosen region; Up to 45 days per trip with the option to extend to 60 or 90 days (excludes USA, Canada and Caribbean policies)

No restrictions on number of trips. Up to 120 days per trip for people under 65 years;
up to 60 days for people aged 66 - 79 years


Please note that both Globelink and Saga Travel insurance provide protection for a wide range of Pre-Existing Medical conditions and cover a large number of hazardous activities as standard.


Depending on the trip duration, style of travelling, budget, preferred activities and travel destinations, both of the compared travel insurance providers may be of help to you.  Read the policy wording and the small print to make a right choice. We hope that our research will be of use to you and will help you stay safe on your journey.


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