Post Office vs. Globelink Travel Insurance

Compare insurance plans of Post Office and Globelink to find the right cover for you.


Travel Insurance is an essential for travellers who want the peace of mind that mishaps while they are on holiday will be covered. And these days buying a policy has never been easier, but choosing the right type of cover is can be tricky as there is so much variety available in terms of policy features, prices and excess levels.


The Post Office Travel Insurance products are among the most popular policies for UK residents travelling the world. Most of the Post Office Travel insurance policies are quite affordable, but Globelink cover is often slightly cheaper and sometimes offers a wider range of policy features. So let’s compare Post Office Travel Insurance and Globelink Travel Insurance so you can check for yourself which might best meet travellers needs.


The first difference is the eligibility requirements for purchase - Globelink Travel Insurance caters for all UK and EU residents, as well as Australian, New Zealand and South African passport holders currently living in UK. While Post Office Travel Insurance provides cover available for UK residents only.


Globelink policies are available for travellers of up to age 89, while the Post Office offers policies to customers aged only up to age 85.


Post Office offers travellers 4 main policies: Single Trip, Annual-Multi Trip, Long Trip and Explorer Travel Insurance. Globelink Travel Insurance on the other hand has 5 main policies specially designed for different types of travellers: Single Trip, Backpacker, Annual Multi-Trip, +66 and Winter Sports travel insurance policies. Note that Globelink offers Winter Sports cover free of charge for customers who take out an Annual Multi Trip policy with a 45 days trip duration, which can save you a fortune on your winter break insurance.


As we compare prices in the table below, we can see that the cost of Globelink policy providing cover for a single trip, week duration is lower. The amount of financial protection in case of personal possession damage or loss is much higher and excess levels are lower.


Post Office Travel Insurance Comparison with Globelink

 Single Trip Travel Insurance Policies

 Price and Financial Cover

  Post Office Travel Insurance Globelink Travel Insurance 
Policy price (30 days, Worldwide)


Globetrekkers Standard Plus

Cancellation & Curtailment Cover £1,500

Up to £2,000

 Excess Levels

Cancellation & Curtailment Excess
Medical Emergency Excess



The cost of a Globelink Annual Multi-Trip policy is only slightly higher compared to a Post Office Annual Multi Trip Travel Insurance, but it includes cover for personal possessions, personal documents, money and passports which is not available in the Post Office policy. The protection on a Globelink policy is usually higher, while the excess levels are either the same or lower. Take a look and make your own decision on which cover might best suit you.

 Annual Travel Insurance Price and Excess Comparison

 Price and Financial Cover

  Post Office Travel Insurance Globelink Travel Insurance
Policy price (Worldwide, duration of 1 trip - 17 days)



Cancellation & Curtailment Cover £1,500

Up to £6,000 in total

Missed Departure Cover Nil

Up to £1,500 in total

Personal Money £250

Personal money - Up to £750 in total* (*£250 if aged under 18)
Cash limit per Insured Person is £250* (*£100 if under 18 yrs)

Passport and Travel Documents Limited to £100 if Insured Person is under 18

Up to £250 in total* (*£100 if aged under 18)

 Excess Levels

Cancellation & Curtailment Excess
Medical Emergency Excess




There are of course some similarities between these two companies. Globelink and Post Office provide protection for a wide range of Pre-Existing Medical conditions and cover a large number of hazardous activities for free. We hope that you’ll choose exactly what is best for your needs and your type of trip. Stay safe on your journeys!


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