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You might think Travel Insurance is not worth the money and hassle. Well, you couldn’t be more wrong. It's essential and could save you time, stress and a lot of money if you have a mishap while away. When you plan a holiday, you are likely to buy plane tickets, book accommodation and start planning what to pack. The best time to buy your travel insurance is when you first pay for any of your trip, even just the deposit. That way you will be covered if you have to cancel due an emergency before your trip.


Whether you’re heading for the beach or planning a ski trip, or simply visiting relatives abroad, holidays should be about relaxing and enjoying life. That’s why having Travel Insurance is essential to give you that peace of mind and eliminate unnecessary stress and expense.


We compared Globelink’s Travel Insurance with that offered by other companies to help you decide which suits you best. Below are our findings on Marks and Spencer Travel Insurance. 


Their policies are underwritten by AXA Insurance UK plc and eligibility is restricted to people permanently residing in the UK. Whereas Globelink policies can be purchased by anyone currently living in the UK or anywhere in the EU. Also Marks and Spencer Travel Insurance requires all trips to start and end in the UK. Globelink cover trips starting anywhere in the EU and also cover one way trips.


If we compare the prices for a Single trip policy for a 30 year-old individual travelling to France for 5 days, Globelink travel insurance will cost you £ while Marks and Spencer travel insurance will cost you £22.16.


Marks & Spencer Travel Insurance Comparison with Globelink

  Marks and Spencer Travel Insurance Globelink Travel Insurance 
Policies offered Single trip, Annual multi-trip

Single Trip, Annual Multi-Trip, Backpackers, Already Travelling Policy

Residency eligibility requirements

UK residents only 

All UK and EU residents, plus  Australian, New Zealand and South African passport holders currently living in the UK or EU
Expat cover No


Post Departure / ALready Travelled Cover No Yes
Personal Belongings No Included as standard on all but Economy policies.


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