13 Travel Guru Tips That Will Save You Time, Money and Stress

23 Jan 2018 by Olga Brighton

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Whether you are a frequent traveller or someone who travels once in a blue moon, there is always something to learn about how to make your trip preparation enjoyable and relaxing. By planning ahead you can minimise the strain, both before and during your trip and ensure that you prioritise having the best of times.

Here are 13 of the most useful and important travel tips that will save you time, money, and stress.

1. Save space in your luggage by rolling clothes

How to pack clothes

One of the most common concerns of travellers is how to minimise baggage space. This proven trick will save precious space inside your suitcase. Roll clothes instead of folding them. To save even more space, refill travel-size containers. Not only does this save space and money, you also help protect the environment. Reduce waste by re-using plastic bottles because these are non-biodegradable materials. There may be at least 6 things you didn't know about packing. Also, use this step by step instructions of how to pack your bag.

2. Group items in smaller bags

Packing items in small bags gives you an option to carry various-sized bags when you go on a city tour. You can leave your bigger carry-on bag or backpack in the hotel room and carry a smaller bag while you explore or go out to dinner. Bring a foldable shopping bag when you’re getting souvenirs or when you need to bring food to a tour destination.

3. Travel insurance will help you during unexpected situations.

Despite meticulous planning, there are still unprecedented and unpredictable events that could happen on a trip. The best thing to do is to be prepared for these unexpected situations by getting a travel insurance policy. A good policy will cover medical costs, lost luggage, repatriation, and delays, disruption and trip cancellation. Be aware of any cover restrictions and pre-existing medical declaration requirements and the different types of travel insurance for EU residents. Depending on your needs and circumstances, and how often you travel, you can opt to get annual travel insurance, or single-trip travel insurance. If you have already travelled and forgotten to get insurance, don’t worry, you can still get cover.

4. Eat where locals eat

Where locals eat

When you plan your trip, choose restaurants that are not touristy. In this way, you are guaranteed delicious food at the best possible price. Your best bet is to choose a place where locals eat. Search online or use a travel app where locals give suggestions for places to eat that you don’t normally know as a tourist. Avoid these 9 most dangerous foods in the world.

5. Bring your own insulated water bottle

Refill your empty water bottle instead of buying bottled water. You can empty it out at the airport to pass security clearance. An insulated bottle will give you the flexibility to use for either cold or hot drinks.

6. Bring an infinity scarf

An infinity scarf is incredibly useful because you can use it in many different ways. You can use it as a blanket, headgear, or pillow when taking a nap.

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7. Don’t waste money on souvenirs

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t purchase souvenirs, but be picky about what you buy and where you buy it. As a general rule, don’t buy anything that doesn’t match the décor in your home. Some souvenirs look good in the market, but once you bring them home, they are relegated to the cupboard or drawer to gather dust. When buying gifts for others consider packaged local delicacies. That way they can use it and literally get a taste of where you visited. The best keepsakes from your travels will be your photos of the different places you visited. Frame them and hang them on your walls. Use these 10 good tips to improve your travel photos. You may want to visit some of these 20 most scenic places in the world to photograph.

8. Opt for a city pass

Buy city pass

If you are going to a major city and want to visit its popular tourist attractions, getting a city pass will help you experience the best that the city has to offer without spending too much. Hop-on, hop-off tours are available in major cities around the world.

9. Use Google Maps offline

You won’t be able to find free Wi-Fi all the time when you’re travelling. In order to save on expensive data charges, save Google Maps directly to you phone so that you can access them later on without using internet connection.

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10. Use Viber, WhatsApp, and Skype

Communicate with your friends and loved ones all over the world for free, by downloading these useful apps that allow you to make free calls, send text messages, videos, and pictures over the internet.

11. Find free activities

Every city offers wonderful sights and activities that are absolutely free. Museums in different cities also offer free days.

12. Use an ATM to withdraw local currency

ATM money exchange

An ATM dispenses local currency, eliminating the need to go to currency exchange counters that usually have less-than-ideal conversion rates. Here is all you need to know about saving money at the airport.

13. Get a data sim card

Are you looking for uninterrupted coverage solutions to stay online around the globe while on a trip? With Keepgo, you will keep your devices connected on 500 cellular networks in 120+ countries worldwide. No matter where you travel, get in touch with your family and friends or run business tasks on the go.

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Travelling shouldn’t be a hassle and always read the latest FCO travel advice before you go. These 13 valuable travel tips will help you have an easier time on your trip by saving time, money, and stress. Following these useful tips will at least ensure you that your next adventure will be worry-free because you deserve to have a great time when you travel.

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