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21 January 2009

Globelink Travel Insurance News

Our staff are looking for your assistance to create a section of stories and articles about your unique travel experiences.

The aim of a new Globelink project is to give fellow travellers advice, tips, information, what to see, where to go or not go, what to do in the place of your recent visit (here is one of our clients' submissions From John in Thailand).

All personally written contributions are welcome. Be helpful to new visitors by providing useful information. We will credit the author by name and provide email and web page links if desired. Exceptional articles will be highlighted on the main page of the Globelink website.

Our requirements for stories and articles content:

    • Journeys

A first person account of a unique journeyDestination guides to your favorite region/city.

      • Go Local

If you know a way to get close to the local culture and environment of a destination tell us about learning or other alternative travel opportunities that may engage you with local culture.

      • Destinations

Tell us about a specific destination, including travel details (getting there, lodgings, tours or activities, restaurants, markets, arts, health and safety, etc.).

Articles should relate to travel features, countries information, travel stories, historical information, feature stories, regional cooking, regional arts & crafts, events, outdoor recreation, etc.

Include photos with your submissions. If requested, photographs may be sent via e-mail, if possible, in .gif or .jpeg formats.

Editing Notes. The editors of Globelink.uk.com retain the right to edit articles submissions where necessary.

We hope you enjoy the idea of sharing your experiences with the travel community and we value your feedback and submissions. Please feel free to contact us at editors globelink@globelink.co.uk

Globelink.uk.com Editorial Team editors globelink@globelink.co.uk

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